Job ID: VA-734662 (96090506)

Hybrid/Local (Richmond ONLY) Systems/Data Analyst with PL/SQL, Technical Writing, Python/pandas/numpy/R/dataframes, Data Engineering experience

Location: Richmond VA (VDOT)
Duration: 1 Months
Position: 1(2)
**Please submit candidates who already live in Richmond, VA
**Long-Term position requires onsite 3 days a week at 1401 East Broad Street, Richmond VA
**Assignment to be extended beyond 6/30, possibly 24 months
**Contractor will be responsible for purchasing parking through VDOT’s Parking Management Office or procuring their own parking

Prior PL/SQL Development experience Required 3 Years
Data retrieval using SQL Required 2 Years
Technical writing Required 4 Years
Strong written communication skills, especially for technical audiences Required 4 Years
Strong verbal communication skills, especially when addressing technical audiences Required 4 Years
Ability to see the big picture and not get bogged down in the details Required 3 Years
Strong organizational skills Required 3 Years
Ability to work independently Required 3 Years
Ability to follow technical guidance from VDOT staff reporting to and working with Required 2 Years
Scripting/coding in a modern language such as Python (pandas, numpy) or R. Working with dataframes. Highly desired 2 Years
Knowledge of relational database design. Highly desired 1 Years
Data Engineering skills (cleaning, preparation, validation) Highly desired 1 Years
Data analysis and visualization Highly desired 1 Years
Exposure to or (some) knowledge of transportation data, skills, or/and concepts Desired 1 Years

Understanding, replication, and technical documentation of Oracle SQL and PL/SQL code used in the VDOT TMS (Traffic Monitoring System). Traffic data analysis.

Task 1: The contracted System Analyst candidate (“Contractor”) will understand, replicate results, and produce technical documentation for the procedures and processes that the Senior Oracle Database Architect/Engineer employs for various foundationaltasks of the TMS (Traffic Management System). Examples of these tasks are:
generating traffic statistics such as AADTs (Average Annual Daily Traffic), MADW (Monthly Average Day of Week Traffic), DVMT (Daily Vehicle Miles Traveled)
generating different traffic factors (seasonal, growth, day of week, hourly, K-factor, directional, classification, etc.) that are used to estimate the above statistics when/where not enough data is available
generating mandated federal reports such as HPMS submittals (Highway Performance Monitoring System)
Some initial and possibly incomplete or outdated in some places documentation for the above processes already exists and will be shared with the Contractor. To fully understand the processes used for the tasks above, the Contractor will shadow the Senior Oracle Database Architect/Engineer, observe his work, and take notes. The Contractor will be tasked with making sure that documentation is complete, easy to understand, and up-to-date by working with both the Senior Database Architect/Engineer and the and users of these data sets, such as Data Scientists and Architect/Engineers and Data Analysts. For replication, the Contractor will run the Oracle scripts used to produce the above measures in a test environment and validate their results against the results from the production environment produced by the Senior Oracle Database Architect/Engineer. The Contractor will need to understand, document, and replicate the general procedures as well as the special/edge cases, where a case-by-case decision or human decision may be needed. The possibility of creating parallel non-Oracle SQL code that connects to the Oracle database, processes the data outside Oracle, and writes it back to the Oracle database is preferable, and will be offered to the Contractor.

Task 2: The Contractor will perform the same tasks (understand, replicate results, produce technical documentation) for other modules of the VDOT TMS (Traffic Management System), the most important ones being Payment, and Link Management. For this task, the Contractor will work with the Senior Oracle Database Architect/Engineer and the Traffic Data Analysts, Traffic Monitoring Systems Engineers, and Engineering Techs who use these modules.

Task 3: For the successful completion of the above two tasks, the Contractor will need at the minimum to understand the data, perform some data cleaning and preparation tasks, and conduct at least some limited data analysis and visualization.

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Hybrid/Local (Richmond ONLY) Systems/Data Analyst with PL/SQL, Technical Writing, Python/pandas/numpy/R/dataframes, Data Engineering experience

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