Job ID: CO-22-1001 PM BU Dan (99090728)

Remote Salesforce PM with grants management, QA, BA, BPR, data visualization/Tableau, and education experience

Location: Denver CO (Colorado Department of Education)
Duration: 7 months

This role will be remote. If the selected candidate is local, there may be occasional meetings in the office.

General Requirements Summary
2.1. Please submit only those candidates that have been proven to be excellent project managers which meet the following minimum requirements.
2.1.1. A minimum of 5 years as primary project manager on enterprise-level projects.
2.1.2 Experience and success in implementing multi-year, multi-million dollar, large custom or customizable applications.
2.1.3 Experience in managing or working on grant funded projects
2.1.4. 3+ years of experience in user testing, quality assurance
2.1.5 2+ years of experience in business analysis and process engineering/re-engineering
2.1.6. In-depth knowledge in generating process documentation
2.1.7. Excellent written and verbal communication skills including technical writing skills
2.1.8. Ability to form strong relationships with all stakeholders to facilitate transparent and frequent communication
2.1.9. Ability to create cohesive supportive project teams
2.1.10. Strong collaboration skills
2.1.11. Detailed analytical and problem-solving abilities
2.1.12. Experienced in quality assurance testing
2.1.13. Experienced in systems analysis and process engineering/re-engineering
1.1.14. Ability to build presentations and to present
1.1.15. Ability to co-exist in a standard office environment
1.1.16. The ability to pass a background check
1.1.17. Preferred: Experience in analyzing data to draw business-relevant conclusions and in data visualization techniques and tools
1.1.18. Preferred: Experience working within the education sector
1.1.19. Preferred: Salesforce experience

PROJECT REQUIREMENTS: Duties may include some or all the following:
3.1. Provide traditional project management support for project(s) as needed. This includes support through the entire life cycle of the project. Including processes and artifacts as needed by the project.
3.2. Act as liaison between the IMS technical team and business unit subject matter experts, bridging the gap between technology and business language.
3.3. Provide program management services for ESSER funded projects.
3.4. Participate or coordinate, as requested, in efforts to connect data from multiple data sources from multiple CDE systems as required.
3.5. All required data storage, integration and reporting must conform to processes under the data privacy and data governance constraints established by CDE and State and Federal laws.
3.6. Meet with users, business sponsors, and executive management to understand and document requirements.
3.7. Develop comprehensive business and technical requirements suitable for the audience (technical/business).
3.8. Set scope and manage to the requirements.
3.9. Create test plans and user acceptance documents that map to defined requirements.
3.10. Minimize exposure to risk on projects and alert the Executive Director of ESSER Technology Projects to those risks.
3.11. When directed by the Executive Director of ESSER Technology Projects, Contractor shall work closely with the CDE Communications Division on any external correspondence.
3.12. Contractor shall not engage in any communication related to the work with any individual or entity outside the ESSER Team without the prior consent of the Executive Director of ESSER Technology Projects.
3.13. Submit monthly detailed status reports to the project teams and to the Executive Director of ESSER Technology Projects.
3.14. Schedule and facilitate project team meetings.
3.15. Evaluate and determine based on the size and complexity of a project which artifacts need to be created. Including but not limited to:
3.15.1. Project Charter
3.15.2. Communication Plan (frequency and need for meetings, status reports, etc.)
3.15.3. Roles and Responsibilities
3.15.4. Risk/Mitigation Plan
3.15.5. Project Schedule
3.15.6. Create and manage risk, decision, and action logs
3.15.7. Monitor Project Cost
3.15.8. Project Status
3.15.9. Project Lessons Learned
3.15.10. Project templates
3.15.11. System, Application and User testing
3.15.12. Create Use cases
3.15.13. User acceptance testing
3.15.14. Process mapping and re-engineering
3.16. Document updated expectations on a Deliverable Expectation Document (DED) that is used as the basis for quality reviews and acceptance criteria for the deliverable.
3.17. Contractor shall coordinate and prioritize all deliverables to ensure that all deadlines are met.
3.18. Conduct multiple independent internal team reviews, as needed, before a deliverable is provided to the CDE.
3.19. Use an iterative process for all deliverables starting by documenting the expectations surrounding each deliverable as described by contractual documents.
3.20. Discuss with key deliverable stakeholders to determine mutual expectations for the deliverable.
3.21. Validate requirements that were agreed to during the contracting process.
3.22. Contractor shall submit each deliverable to the Department for review and approval. Contractor shall participate in the deliverable review and revision process until the Department provides written acceptance of each deliverable.

The Colorado Department of Education (CDE) has received federal ESSER funding as part of COVID relief. This funding will be used to purchase and implement three major Enterprise-wide applications. For two of these applications, a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application (Salesforce) and an Enterprise-Wide Grant Management application (to be selected), CDE will be engaging full time, temporary, contract project manager to manage these projects.


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Remote Salesforce PM with grants management, QA, BA, BPR, data visualization/Tableau, and education experience

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