Job ID: CO-22-1000-BU ETL (99090721)

Remote Informatica ETL Developer with SQL, data migration, Azure, Data Factory, Data Warehouse, Ed Facts files/federal reporting experience

Location: Denver CO (Colorado Department of Education)
Duration: 7 months
For this role, Database Programmer, applicants can expect to work remotely.

SECTION 3.0 Balance SLDS Work With DAILY Maintenance of our existing structure
3.1. With the guidance of the data warehouse manager and in partnership with a DW employee, the contractor shall
3.1.1. Review internal CDE documentation and provide maintenance and support for the existing CDE Informatica and SQL processes.
3.1.2. Review status on the SLDS project and perform tasks as determined by the partnership. This may include, but is not limited to, mapping of data fields to the new environment and structures, migrating data, testing, and other duties as assigned in the MS Azure cloud environment using SQL and possibly Data Factory skills
3.2. Informatica Skills
Strong development skills: ability to develop very difficult or complicated transformation from scratch
Strong administrative skills including repository management and knowledge of best practices regarding Informatica
3.3. Strong oral and written communication skills working with both business users and technical staff
3.4. The contractor shall demonstrate their understanding of the overall project goals and the specific goals as pertains to the contractor’s assignment for this project to the satisfaction of the Project Manager.
3.5. The contractor be able to advise and provide guidance on the requested work.
3.6. The contractor shall develop, maintain, and support Extract Transform and Load processes which are written using Informatica and SQL.
3.7. The contractor shall use Informatica and SQL to load the CDE Data Warehouse tables and generate Ed Facts files for federal reporting.
3.8. The contractor shall thoroughly test and document each step taken and perform knowledge transfer to the CDE staff.

Included in the daily work but not limited to, is maintaining the existing Oracle Data Warehouse environment and ETL development.
The contractor will need experience in Informatica and SQL. This involves using Informatica and SQL to load tables and generate files for federal reporting. In addition, this individual may be requested to provide recommendations, documentation, and knowledge transfer to the CDE staff. With this partnership the need for knowledge transfer should happen in the normal course of work between the DW team and the contractor.


Covendis Standard Resume Template.docx

Remote Informatica ETL Developer with SQL, data migration, Azure, Data Factory, Data Warehouse, Ed Facts files/federal reporting experience

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