Job ID: FL-RFQ-DEM-23-24-024 (911590522)

Onsite/Local SQL Server Admin/DBA (MCTS/MCITP/MVP/12+) with Active Directory, Azure, PTO, HA, DR, .net, C#, VB, SSIS, SSRS experience

Location: tallahassee, FL (FDEM)
Duration: 12 Months

Required Skills:
• Demonstrated experience with Nintex On Premise forms and workflow platform
• Demonstrated experience with SharePoint programming and development is required
• Demonstrated experience with ASP.NET programming and development is required
• Demonstrated experience with SQL Server programming and development skills is
• Demonstrated experience developing enterprise level applications and custom
integrated solutions in a SharePoint 2016 environment is required
• Experience integrating external data content with SharePoint 2016 is preferable
• Experience architecting a SharePoint 2016 environment compatible with eventual
migration to SharePoint Subscription Edition is preferable
• Experience migrating content from one content database to another is preferable
• Experience converting SharePoint Designer Workflows to Nintex Workflows

Scope of Work
The vendor will be expected to provide on-site staff augmentation to the Division for the
project management, operation, business needs analysis, planning, configuring and
administering, testing, refinement, and support of applications and sites hosted within an
enterprise SharePoint portal, to include documentation of architecture, configuration, and
administrative procedures. Vendor’s personnel will be expected to work on-site in order to
best facilitate a daily working relationship with other Division staff members and establish
a knowledge of the business practices driving solutions.
Vendor may provide multiple resources or a single, qualified resource. Vendor personnel
will set and adhere to a standard weekday office schedule with the concurrence of the
contract manager with work requiring infrastructure downtime expected on nights and
Additionally, the Division provides services to support the State Emergency Operations
Center and contract personnel will be on-call to provide services to the EOC as required.
It should be noted that these services may fall outside normal business hours at any time.
The vendor and vendor’s personnel are expected to have the ability and willingness to
respond to the needs of the Division with the understanding that revised priorities, resource
availabilities, and other issues may affect scheduling and urgency.
Division Information Technology and Management staff will provide project management
to include establishment of project plans, tasks, objectives, deadlines, and direction of the
personnel for the duration of the contract. Work assignments and tasks are not in any way
exclusive and the Division may assign other staff or contractors to work concurrently with
vendor’s personnel at the sole discretion of the Division.
With respect to the Division, vendor will not restrict the employment of its employees or
sub-contractors after conclusion or termination of a Division purchase order.
By responding to the purchase order, the vendor specifically agrees to this provision.
Contract personnel may be required to pass a background check and the vendor shall
ensure that vendor personnel providing services under this contract will comply with all
Division ethical and professional standards, and all applicable rules, policies, procedures
and regulations as determined by the Division.



Onsite/Local SQL Server Admin/DBA (MCTS/MCITP/MVP/12+) with Active Directory, Azure, PTO, HA, DR, .net, C#, VB, SSIS, SSRS experience

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