Job ID: FL-RFQ-DEM-23-24-025 (911590522)

Onsite/Local .Net Developer/Windows Admin (MCTS/MCITP/MVP/12+) with C#, VB, SSIS, SSRS, SQL Server, Active Directory, Azure, PTO, HA, DR experience

Location: tallahassee, FL (FDEM)
Duration: 12 Months

Required Skills:
• 5+ years MS SQL Server Administration experience required
• Active Directory experience
• Azure Hosted Services Experience
• Experience with Performance Tuning and Optimization (PTO), using native monitoring
and troubleshooting tools
• Experience with backups, restores and recovery models
• Knowledge of High Availability (HA) and Disaster Recovery (DR) options for SQL
• Ability to create SQL jobs for transfer of data across networks
• Experience working with Windows server, including Active Directory
• Excellent written and verbal communication
• Flexible, team player, “get-it-done” personality
• Ability to organize and plan work independently
• Ability to work in a rapidly changing environment
• Ability to multi-task and context-switch effectively between different activities and
• Experience working with programming languages such as .NET, C#, VB, SSIS, SSRS,
and Java Script a plus
• MCTS, MCITP, and/or MVP certifications a plus
• Ability to write complex queries

Scope of Work:
The vendor will provide staff augmentation to the Division for assisting in the project
management, operation, business needs analysis, planning, development, configuring,
administering, cloud migration, testing, maintenance, refinement and improvement of
application code and databases that support mission critical applications of the Division.
The applications and databases the vendor will support will include, but are not limited to,
SERT TRAC, which is the Division’s State training portal and Incident Tracker, which is an
application supporting the State Watch Office. In addition, the vendor will provide support
to the Division’s Finance Bureau for the maintenance and troubleshooting of the Division’s
payroll management application.
The vendor will be expected to work on-site in order to best facilitate a daily working
relationship with other Division staff members and establish a knowledge of the business
practices driving these mission critical application solutions that support the Division.
Vendor will attend meetings with Division staff when required to discuss Bureau and
application specific processes, enhancements, tasks, and provide updates on progress.
Additional responsibilities of the vendor to include, but are not limited to:
• Proactively monitor the database environment and make changes to data
structures, SQL, application logic or the database management system (DBMS)
subsystem to optimize performance.
• Review SQL and host language and recommend changes for optimization and
enhancements for mission critical applications.
Division Information Technology and Management staff will provide project management
to include establishment of project plans, tasks, objectives, deadlines, and direction of the
personnel for the duration of the contract. Work assignments and tasks are not in any way
exclusive and the Division may assign other staff or contractors to work concurrently with
vendor’s personnel at the sole discretion of the Division.
With respect to the Division, vendor will not restrict the employment of its employees or
sub-contractors after conclusion or termination of a Division purchase order.
By responding to the purchase order, the vendor specifically agrees to this provision.
Contract personnel may be required to pass a background check and the vendor shall
ensure that vendor personnel providing services under this contract will comply with all
Division ethical and professional standards, and all applicable rules, policies, procedures
and regulations as determined by the Division.



Onsite/Local .Net Developer/Windows Admin (MCTS/MCITP/MVP/12+) with C#, VB, SSIS, SSRS, SQL Server, Active Directory, Azure, PTO, HA, DR experience

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