Job ID: NC-739160 (99690611)

Hybrid/Local Mainframe Architect (15+) with COBOL, CICS, JCL, VSAM and Unemployment Insurance Tax System/Financial Accounting experience

Location: Raleigh NC (NCDES)
Duration: 12 months
Positions: 1 (2)

Technical knowledge and experience with mainframe technology. COBOL, CICS, VSAM, and JCL Required 10 Years
Knowledge and experience in converting data from one application to another Required 10 Years
Successful completion of technology projects within area of responsibility Required
Analyzing feasibility, compatibility, and cost of solution Required
Excellent interpersonal communication skills Required
Strong organizational skills Desired
Excellent analytical and problem solving skills Desired
Ability to engage business experts in the purpose and use of data in the Benefit Payment Application Desired
Knowledge of VSAM and Hierarchical database structures Required

**This position allows for a hybrid work schedule, with hours split between remote and onsite. Contractor is expected to report onsite on a consistent basis. The standard schedule in alternating between one-week remote and one week onsite, however, depending on management discretion, an alternative schedule may be allowed but depends on workload demands.

The primary responsibilities of this position are to assist in maintaining the Tax and Financial Accounting and Reporting System (FARS)systems and work on the Interfaces related to North Carolina Unemployment Insurance Tax System (NCSUITS) and Southern Consortium Unemployment Benefits Integration (SCUBI). We need to have an additional resource to be able to provide adequate support for the FARS and Interface systems.

The Mainframe Architect is expected to handle design implementation, and maintenance of mainframe computer systems for DES. The primary responsibility of this position includes assisting with maintaining the Tax and FARS systems, as well as the Tax Modernization project, which involves data cleansing and conversion. The contractor will work with other technical teams to ensure that the mainframe system is properly integrated with other systems and technologies. They are expected to help resolve technical issues that arise with the mainframe system. This may include working with other technical teams to diagnose and resolve problems, as well as developing and implementing preventative measures to minimize the risk of future issues.


NC- 739160 SM.docx

Hybrid/Local Mainframe Architect (15+) with COBOL, CICS, JCL, VSAM and Unemployment Insurance Tax System/Financial Accounting experience

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