Job ID: CO-Req#7726252 (912590506)

Remote/Local Enterprise Architect with TOGAF, Mulesoft modernization, AWS/AzureCloud/GCP, Viewpoints, ADR-MVC/SOA/Microservices/Layers, Java, Agile, Design Patterns, SOAP/REST Web Services, Human Services/Benefits experience

Location: Denver, CO (OIT)
Duration: 7 Months

Enterprise Architecture
Cloud (AWS/AzureCloud/GCP)
Software Architecture
Arch Models (Viewpoints/4+1/IEEE42010)
Arch Patterns (ADR-MVC/SOA/Microservices/Layers)
Software Platforms (Java)
Cloud Platforms (IaaS/PaaS/SaaS)
Software Development (SDLC/Agile)
Design Patterns (Domain-specific/Creational/Structural/Behavioral patterns)

8+ years of leading software development teams, solutioning across multiple
platforms and paradigms with agile process management, financial management,
resource management, and demand management capabilities
5+ years of experience with running large/complex projects with multiple
2+ years related experience of SOAP/REST Web Services
Experience in the public sector, Human Services and Benefits Management is a
Preference for candidates with modernization experience using Mulesoft platform

As the Architect for CBMS, you would ensure that technology holistically enables CBMS
to achieve its vision and goals by creating an architectural landscape that is aligned with
CBMS desired operational outcomes that’s design focused on systems qualities such as
security, resiliency, availability and ability to change. The Architect is responsible for
understanding the overall design of all CBMS applications technology stacks that
support the management and risk capabilities of CBMS to achieve better outcomes and
improve its architectural posture.

Assess the current state of architecture and determine its future state with
associated roadmap in order to support CBMS operations and technology
Strive to close technical debt and shrink technology footprint
Evolve the usage of architecture models and patterns, reference architectures,
guidelines, etc. that serve as the critical input to build consistent and
standardized solutions
Work with multiple vendors to develop and implement specific aspects of the
software and architectural solution. This aspect of the role may require the
architect to consider costs and timelines and ensure that vendors meet deadlines
for deliverables and project elements. They may review proposals and estimates
from these vendors and determine whether they fit into existing budgetary and
time restrictions and ensure that the solutions work with other connected systems
and efforts.
Create an engaging and influencing set of procedures to help implement
architecture governance processes
Provide leadership and subject matter expertise in design and execution to meet
both functional and non-functional requirements in alignment with overarching
strategy and roadmap
Oversight for all architecture changes for compliance with standards and
alignment with guidelines and blueprints
Key deliverables will include, but not limited to, developing System Architecture
Document, contextual and conceptual architecture views for the application(s),
technology plan(s), architecture review & design, and security champion
Work closely with senior leadership, enterprise/platform architects, tech leads,
developers, scrum masters, product/program/project managers to ensure that all
stakeholders have the necessary direction and feedback to deliver product
features at regular intervals, on-time, and with high-quality
Understand and align with CBMS operational goals, and communicate to agency
and technology leadership

Professional and hands on experience in leading and building globally
distributed, remote, Mainframe, Distributed and Cloud technology teams and tech
stacks with high availability and reliability
Strong technology affinity and experience, as well as attention to detail and the
ability to design, execute against strategic goals
Broad and deep knowledge of Software Development Life Cycles (SDLC),
Continuous Integration/Delivery (CI/CD), Process Engineering (Technical),
Portfolio/Program/Project Management processes and improvements,
IT/software technology and trends, domain knowledge and experience in
infrastructure support, application development, and cloud based application
development, web services, middleware, operating systems, databases,
networking, and security
Leading and participating in complex, large scale, organizational acquisitions and
integration efforts is a plus
Experience leading legacy technology stack is a plus


Remote/Local Enterprise Architect with TOGAF, Mulesoft modernization, AWS/AzureCloud/GCP, Viewpoints, ADR-MVC/SOA/Microservices/Layers, Java, Agile, Design Patterns, SOAP/REST Web Services, Human Services/Benefits experience

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