Remote Informatica Developer with SQL Server, Azure, Data Modeling, Tableau, Power BI, Data Warehouse, ETL, IICS experience

Job ID: CO-22-1001-PDR-01 (99690822)

Remote Informatica Developer with SQL Server, Azure, Data Modeling, Tableau, Power BI, Data Warehouse, ETL, IICS experience

Location: Denver CO (DOE)
Duration: 12 months


1.2. The contractor will need experience in Informatica and SQL. This involves using Informatica and SQL to load tables and generate files for federal reporting. In addition, this individual may be requested to provide recommendations, documentation, and knowledge transfer to the CDE staff.
4.1. With the guidance of the CDE Enterprise Architect, the contractor shall review internal CDE documentation and use this information to design a reporting layer on Azure environment.
4.2. Requirements Gathering and Data Modeling Skills
Strong requirements gathering skills: ability to work with customers to gather reporting requirements and translate into a data model for reporting using Tableau, Power BI, and Ad-hoc queries.
Strong administrative skills including repository management and knowledge of best practices regarding aggregate tables and data marts.
4.3. Azure and Data Warehouse ETL Skills
Experience working on Azure and implementing reporting layer tables using ETL logic which pulls data from an Oracle or SQL Server database.
Experience working with star schemas and loading reporting layer table.
Preferred experience with Informatica or IICS or similar ETL tool.
4.4. Business Intelligence Skills
Experience creating dashboards using Tableau or Power BI. Experience working with the creation of data sources and actual implementation of visualization dashboards.
4.5. Strong oral and written communication skills working with both business users and technical staff
4.6. The contractor shall demonstrate their understanding of the overall project goals and the specific goals as pertains to the contractor’s assignment for this project to the satisfaction of the Project Manager.
4.7. The contractor be able to advise and provide guidance on the requested work.
4.8. The contractor shall develop, maintain, and support Extract Transform and Load processes which are written using Informatica and SQL.
4.9. The contractor shall use Informatica and SQL to load the CDE Data Warehouse tables and generate Ed Facts files for federal reporting.
4.10. The contractor shall thoroughly test and document each step taken and perform knowledge transfer to the CDE staff.


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