Remote Education BA with data mapping, ETL, CEDS and K-12 experience

Job ID: CO-22-2000-01 BA (99790818)

Remote Education BA with data mapping, ETL, CEDS and K-12 experience

Location: Denver CO (Colorado Department of Education)
Duration: 6-30 months

4.1.23. Qualifications
4.2. Must have 5 or more years of experience performing business analysis tasks, for concurrent high priority and complex projects and programs comprised of multiple projects.
4.3. Must have in-depth experience identifying and developing use cases for critical projects.
4.4. Must have strong oral and written communication skills.
4.5. Must have experience working with personnel in both direct and matrix organizations.
4.6. Must have the ability to directly address conflicts and escalate issues where appropriate.
4.7. Must have experience with writing requirements, overall test plans and user acceptance documents that cover all system components and requirements.
4.8. Must have experience with general IT project Governance and more specific data governance.
4.9. Experience in Colorado K-12 education and management of projects in that area are a plus.
4.10. Experience with data movement and mapping requirements associated with Extract Translate and Load (ETL) processes.
4.11. Experience with Common Education Data Standards (CEDS) is a plus.
4.12. Must have experience in communicating with senior leadership/executive staff on the progress of the high impact projects that he or she shall lead.
4.13. Contractor shall be required to pass a criminal background check.
4.14. Contractor shall be required to comply with Covid requirements if coming to any State of Colorado public government building.

1.1. The Colorado Department of Education (hereafter referred to as “CDE” or “the Department”) is contracting with, Inc. dba Covendis (the Contractor), 200 Walker Ave St. SW, Atlanta GA, 30313, to provide a Senior Business Analyst (BA) CONTRACTOR NAME from VENDOR NAME to support and perform all business analyst activities for a federally funded grant Statewide Longitudinal Data System (SLDS) project currently underway. The purpose of this position is to provide staff augmentation. The SLDS project has many facets of which the Sr. BA may be asked to participate which may include automation of currently manual operations, data movement, reporting requirements, development, and governance. However, the primary focus areas for this role will be to work with the project stakeholders to thoroughly define use cases that will prove or disprove the success of specific CDE programs.

4.1. The Contractor shall collaborate with all necessary project stakeholders, to execute and deliver all requests which include but are not limited to:
4.1.1.Analysis of current state
4.1.2.Development of process diagrams as required
4.1.3. Current State
4.1.4. Future State
4.1.5. Data Sharing process(es)
4.1.6. Other – as needed
4.1.7. Gather Requirements
4.1.8. Provide recommendations for improved processes
4.1.9. Detailed Use Case Development
4.1.10. Adult Education: Effectiveness of Adult Education
4.1.11. Adult Education: Multigenerational Use Case, literacy of kids that parents are in AE
4.1.12. Dual Enrollment: Effectiveness of Dual Enrollment
4.1.13. Career Development Incentive Program (CDIP)
4.1.14. Create documentation to automation of manual processes
4.1.15. Document data exchange requirements tied to data governance processes
4.1.16. Detailed documentation of data fields for data to be shared with multiple vendors and other state agencies
4.1.17. The Contractor will read and assimilate the current project documentation, including but not limited to the contract statement of work and requirements; project documentation created by the project team; client and vendor communications; and any project assessment documentation. The Contractor will interview the project stakeholders to gather project information and status.
4.1.18. Collaboration and relationship building is a requirement throughout. As always, there is a political component to this project. It will be essential that the Contractor listen carefully and follow the guidelines for communicating with the client and the SLDS Senior Project Manager. This is a high stakes project with high visibility and the potential for enterprise-wide impact.
4.1.19. This position will work closely with all levels: executives, managers, and individual contributors. In this role, he/she must lead without direct authority over the members of project teams and must be comfortable facilitating meetings. He/she must have the ability to prepare and present information about the project and processes to all levels. Additionally, with all levels, he/she will need to negotiate deadlines and provide status updates. Diplomacy and professionalism are critical to the success of this role.
4.1.20. May be asked to assist creating test plans and user acceptance documents that map to defined requirements.
4.1.21. Submit weekly detailed status reports to the project team members, the SLDS Senior Project manager, and the Project Management Office manager.
4.1.22. Schedule and facilitate meetings.


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