Remote Govt PM with testing and education/K-12 experience

Job ID: CO-ESSU (910090609)

Remote Govt PM with testing and education/K-12 experience

Location: Denver CO (CDE)
Duration: 6 months
CDE is in the planning stage for returning to the office. Currently, most employees are working from remote locations. During this time, the contractor is not required to work at an onsite CDE location. However, there may be times when the contractor will be asked to come to the office for specific meetings or events. Also, they will be required to follow the same return to the office plan as the CDE project team when it is implemented. For this reason, a local candidate is preferred. However, the right candidate is crucial, so we are not limiting this role to local only. This should be discussed prior to being engaged as the Department does not pay for travel or expenses. The CDE project team is located at 1560 Broadway, Suite 1100, Denver, CO 80203, The Department of Education’s main office is located at 201 E. Colfax Ave, Denver, CO 80203.

5.1. Must have 8 or more years of experience managing multiple, concurrent high priority and complex projects and programs comprised of multiple projects. Must have experience managing large complex multi-year, high cost, technical projects.
5.2. Must have experience managing projects with critical issues.
5.3. The Senior IT Project Manager will need to be able to assume management of a project in-flight.
5.4. Familiarity with State of Colorado data privacy implications and how to mitigate related risks within the education industry is a plus.
5.5. Must have strong oral and written communication skills.
5.6. Must have experience managing personnel in both direct and matrix organizations.
5.7. Must have the ability to directly address conflicts and escalate issues where appropriate.
5.8. Must have experience with writing requirements, overall test plans, and user acceptance documents that cover all system components and requirements.
5.9. Experience in Colorado K-12 education and management of projects in that area are a plus.
5.10. Must have experience in communicating with senior leadership/executive staff on the progress of the high-impact projects that he or she shall lead.
5.11. Contractor shall be required to pass a criminal background check.
5.12. Contractor shall be required to comply with Covid requirements if coming to any State of Colorado public government building.

1.1. The Colorado Department of Education (hereafter referred to as “CDE” or “the Department”) is seeking a qualified Senior Technical Project Manager to perform all project management activities for a project currently underway to build a custom IEP System and data monitoring system (DMS) for CDE’s Exceptional Student Services Unit that allows special education service providers to create and document legally-compliant Individual Education Plans (IEPs) and provides CDE and field (schools) users with data monitoring and reporting functionalities related to special education.

The Contractor, while not expected to be a SME on the application must be able to communicate, understand and rely on the SMEs working in this unit on this project. A strong technical acumen is essential and the ability to break down the technical complexities into language appropriate for the team members and other project stakeholders, to understand without condescension. In addition to the project manager and technical translator, this solution-oriented individual will be expected to serve as a leader, a coach, a problem solver, and a negotiator, throughout the project lifecycle. This individual is the go-to person for project summary and details for senior and executive decision making. They are expected to provide options, recommendations, risks, and rewards when consulted. This is a high-stakes project with high visibility and the potential for enterprise-wide impact.


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