Job ID: TX-70123015 (911990708)

Remote Data Analyst with PM, Business Analysis, Testing, PEIMS, Ed-Fi and Government Experience

Location: Austin, TX TEA
Duration: 12 months

Minimum Requirements:
Years Required/Preferred Experience
7 Required System & Data Analysis
7 Required Technical Support & Troubleshooting
7 Required Stakeholder Engagement & Communications
6 Required Project Management
6 Required Strategic Planning
4 Required Interpreting Data Standards & Specifications
4 Required Software Requirements and/or Business Analysis
4 Required Software Testing
4 Required Business Writing & Presentations
4 Preferred Data Collection & Analysis
4 Preferred Public Education (Preferably in Texas Public Schools)
2 Preferred Student Information System and/or School Finance Human Resource System
2 Preferred Public Education Information Management System (PEIMS)
2 Preferred Texas Student Data System
2 Preferred Ed-Fi Technology & Data Standards
2 Preferred Working in Virtual/Remote Environments

Essential Functions:
Vendor Coordination:

• Develop an effective strategy to identify vendors and their ability to update their existing products to meet the specifications and requirements of this project within a two-year period.

• Interpret and understand the data reporting requirements for the project to effectively convey business guidance and technical direction to vendors.

• Ensure technical documentation, guidance, and resources are made available in a timely manner.

• Schedule and facilitate monthly meetings with vendors to monitor progress and identify any issues.

• Develop and distribute progress reports to executive management and project stakeholders.

Vendor Support:

• Develop, integrate, and monitor an effective solution to solicit vendor questions, issues, and best practices.

• Work directly with TEA business and technical teams to resolve vendor questions and issues in a timely manner.

• Oversee the distribution of the software development kit (SDK) to vendors and solicit feedback.

• Coordinate with Education Service Centers (ESCs) and Local Education Agencies (LEAs) to establish partnerships with vendors for end-to-end testing and to validate product readiness.


• Develop high quality communications for statewide distribution to include technical guidance, project updates, and best practices for vendors, ESCs, and LEAs.

• Facilitate and conduct statewide webinars through remote meeting platforms. Ability to professionally deliver complex content and field live questions from the audience.

• Provide frequent status reporting and recommendations to senior management based upon vendor progress and challenges.


Remote Data Analyst with PM, Business Analysis, Testing, PEIMS, Ed-Fi and Government Experience

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