Job ID: NC-700915 (98190127)

Hybrid/Local Network Engineer with Meraki, LAN, ISE, Wireless, UPS Maintenance, Documentation experience

Location: Raleigh NC
Duration: 12 months
Positions: 1 (1)

SkillRequired / DesiredAmountof Experience
Cisco WirelessRequired7Years
Cisco Meraki WirelessRequired7Years
Cisco LAN InfrastructureRequired10Years
Cisco ISERequired7Years
UPS Battery Implementation, Maintenance and TroubleshootingRequired5Years
Client Interaction and CommunicationsRequired10Years
Technical DocumentationRequired10Years
Team Interaction and CommunicationsRequired10Years
Local candidates ONLY will be considered. Do you accept this requirement?Required

Role Types: Network Engineer – Wireless Network, LAN and ISE re-design and equipment/software refresh. UPS battery infrastructure.

Expected Skills: Able to work without assistance; able to manage multiple complex work efforts; may have advanced education; should have extensive industry experience. Excellent time management and documentation skills. Excellent communications skills (verbal and written).

Description (including, but not limited to):
1. Design, implementation and troubleshooting of both the hardware and software necessary for a LAN and wireless computer network.
2. Specialization in Cisco/Meraki wireless products, methodologies, implementation and troubleshooting.
3. Extensive experience with Cisco LAN products, methodologies, implementation and troubleshooting
4. Extensive experience with Cisco ISE methodologies, implementation and troubleshooting.
5. Experience with rack-based UPS battery implementation, monitoring and alerting
6. Work with business units on obtaining price quotes for new equipment and coordinating installation of purchased equipment and software.
7. Work with IT teams and management and provide reports, summaries and documentation for all tasks and projects worked on.

Daily task examples (including but not limited to):
oObtain and send price quotes to business units based on environment design
oCoordinate equipment orders and installation/configuration
oEquipment installation and configuration
oUpdate Wireless Controllers to new version of Software
oUpdate Cisco ISE to newer version – ISE 3.1.0 is the current Gold Star Release (requires new license
model and requires a valid SSL Certificate on the Cisco Virtual ISE appliances)
oReplace campus closet UPS batteries as needed.
oNetwork UPS Units using network adapter card. Add UPS VLAN to that buildings for the UPS to use.
oUpdate SNMP Strings/NTP/Username/Passwords on each Unit
oCreate a spreadsheet with Building and Room numbers of located units and if possible date of last
installed battery.
oAdd UPS units to monitoring systems
oAttend weekly meetings
oWork with other IT teams as part of implementation projects
oCreate reports and summaries as needed.
oCreate systems documentation as needed.



Hybrid/Local Network Engineer with Meraki, LAN, ISE, Wireless, UPS Maintenance, Documentation experience

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