Request ID: CT-59805 (99090117)

Hybrid/Local BizTalk Architect/Admin (GC/USC) with .Net, C#, C/C++, EL, IIS,, SQL Server, SOA, PowerShell, MSBuild, TFS, BRE, WCF, JQuery, JSON, WebApi, SOAP, REST, Sql-to-XML, Azure Service Bus/MuleSoft, SCOM, UML, BPMN, ESB Toolkit, SharePoint, Workflow, Forms, Design Patterns and SACWIS experience

Location: Hartford, CT (DCF)
Duration: 12 Months

Candidate Must Be Local
Candidate MUST be a US Citizen or Permanent Resident only


Skills Architecture Web Services and Windows Services Expert (10+ Years) No
Skills Architecture XMLSchema Expert (10+ Years) No
Skills Database Microsoft SQL Server Advanced (7-9 Years) No
Skills Languages C# Advanced (7-9 Years) No
Skills Languages C/C++ Advanced (7-9 Years) No
Skills Languages XML Advanced (7-9 Years) No
Skills Languages XSLT Expert (10+ Years) No
Skills Others EL Advanced (7-9 Years) No
Skills Others Presentation skills Advanced (7-9 Years) No
Skills Servers IIS Advanced (7-9 Years) No
Skills Tools Microsoft Visual Studio .NET Advanced (7-9 Years) No


Department of Children and Families

DCF IS Division

505 Hudson Street

Hartford, CT 06106


The Department of Children and Families depends on the core, mission-critical applications, LINK and IV-E, Connecticut’s Federally-reimbursed SACWIS (Statewide Automated Child Welfare Information System). Implemented in 1996, available on every desktop, and used by over 2,000 social workers and case managers, the application has been enhanced and modified continually to meet data capture and process functionality requirements driven by good child welfare case practice as well as State and Federal legislation and statute. Additionally, LINK continues to experience change chiefly in compliance with the 1991 Juan F. Consent Decree as well as the agency’s ongoing goal of improving the safety, permanency and well-being of children in care. The agency is currently committed to developing the next generation Comprehensive Child Welfare information system (CCWIS) and has invested significant resources to ensure that Connecticut has efficient, economic and effective tools to aid our Child Welfare Staff, Providers and the children and families of CT.

DCF Information Systems provides technology expertise and services as well as an information systems infrastructure to the agency and its roughly 3,300 employees. DCF Information Systems strives to improve continually improving technology services that are cost-effective and of the highest effectiveness and quality.


The agency needs the service of a senior level BizTalk Architect. The candidate will serve in the capacity of a BizTalk Architect participating in various SDLC processes including requirements verification, design and development, testing, maintenance, and support activities per the direction of agency management. The specific focus of this candidate will be the to be part of the team which supports existing .NET applications as well as to participates in the SDLC process of the new SACWIS system and work with the System Integrator to ensure the transfer of knowledge and on-going maintenance of the solution for a given module. Specifically, the candidate will be responsible for maintaining interfaces, .NET applications and supporting SOA integration initiatives and participating in the SDLC process which includes meetings with the SI, verification of deliverables such as requirements, design, testing, and environment configuration.

Specific Services Required:

In the role of the BizTalk Architect, the following services are required:

Must be very organized, pro-active and self-directed.

Must be self-starter and driven. Must Drive the work from requirements to implementation.

Must have very strong abstract thinking and problem-solving skills.

Must have very good verbal and written communication skills.

Design and development of the core technology and architecture of large-scale distributed systems, midrange to client server and n tier e commerce applications and solutions.

Perform BizTalk programming and support for importing or exporting files.

Provide production support for BizTalk processes in production environment.

Provide analysis/requirements to integrate applications.

Work on all phases of SDLC and create/maintain required technical documentation.

Assist in the preparation of Quality Assurance planning related to BizTalk processes.

Assist in migration and integration of data and processes from legacy systems to new applications and new technologies.

Assists in the development of information systems blueprints, design patterns, templates for best in class software development and to ensure high levels of software re use and the migration towards service oriented architecture (SOA).

Demonstrated ability to deliver business and technical value.

Work with the Application Development Manager to establish goals and code reviews while meeting requirements of projects.

Work with management to supply input for key design and architecture decisions, as well as work estimation and resource planning.

Provide guidance and training to team members.


Refer to the State contracts for IT Professional Services Agreement (22PSX0163) for experience and skill requirements for the job classification Solution Architect to fill the role. In addition, the agency requires:

For this position, the candidate shares experience and judgment with team to plan and accomplish goals, mentors less experienced staff, a wide degree of creativity and latitude is expected. In addition, the agency requires:

An experience professional with 10 or more years of prior experience demonstrating the following knowledge and skills:

Microsoft BizTalk Server 2016+ (5+ years’ experience) Orchestrations, Maps, Pipelines, Port Configuration, XSLT, XML, XSD, as well as performance and scalability tuning.

Experience in creating BizTalk solutions using BizTalk Design patterns and practices.

Experience Managing and Administering BizTalk applications using BizTalk Server Administration, PowerShell, or Management packs

Experience implementing enterprise system integration projects and initiatives; understanding of and experience implementing enterprise integration patterns.

Good understanding of SOA.

BizTalk Deployment best practices, MSBuild, PowerShell

Experience with code control/version Team Foundation.

Experience in Test Driven Development and testing tools and techniques.

Well versed in developing Complex Orchestrations implementing Error Handling, Compensation and Failed Message Routing.

Expertise implementing solutions leveraging the benefits of BRE and invoking Policies using Call Rules Shape in Orchestrations and in .NET Assembly.

Object-Oriented design principles and design patterns

Manage user stories for development iterations while maintaining a good relationship with the business unit and customers.

BizTalk Mapping, Orchestration, Pipelines, custom Pipelines, and Custom Components.

Proficient in XSLT.

Working programming knowledge of C#, WCF, JQuery, XML, JSON, WebApi, SOAP, .NET, JavaScript.

Integration experience with Web Services (REST, SOAP, WCF)

Create enterprise development standards for SOA services.

Proficient in different poling mechanisms and “Sql-to-XML” queries for SQL Server and DB2

Additional Preferred Qualifications:

Azure Service Bus and/or MuleSoft

Experience with SCOM & BizTalk management packs.

UML modelling

BPMN modelling

Proficient in database development using SQL Server; particularly the creation of database objects including tables, views, stored procedures and functions.

Experience with BizTalk ESB Toolkit

Experience with SharePoint and Development

Experience with Workflow Engines and Forms

Experience with .Net Development, OO and SOLID principles and Design Patterns


Hybrid/Local BizTalk Architect/Admin (GC/USC) with .Net, C#, C/C++, EL, IIS,, SQL Server, SOA, PowerShell, MSBuild, TFS, BRE, WCF, JQuery, JSON, WebApi, SOAP, REST, Sql-to-XML, Azure Service Bus/MuleSoft, SCOM, UML, BPMN, ESB Toolkit, SharePoint, Workflow, Forms, Design Patterns and SACWIS experience

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