Remote Project Manager with BA, SQL, Testing/QA experience

Job ID: CO-22-ESSER-PM-02 (99090923)

Remote Project Manager with BA, SQL, Testing/QA experience

Location: Denver, CO CDE
Duration: 12 Months
This role is mostly remote. There may be occasional meetings in the office.

Business Analyst A minimum of 3 years of business analyst experience. Novice (1-3 Years) Yes
Skills Others Project Management A minimum of 4 years as primary project manager. Proficient (4-6 Years) Yes
Skills Others SQL Experience writhing SQL queries and/or using TOAD Yes
Skills Others Testing/Writing Test Cases/ General QA 3+ years of experience in testing, writing test cases and general quality assurance knowledge Novice (1-3 Years) Yes

The Colorado Department of Education (CDE) has been awarded ESSER, Covid Relief Funding. This funding has been appropriated for three major projects, Data pipeline V2, Enterprise Grant management, CRM as well as some smaller efforts.For this role the contractor would partner with a CDE staff member to work on CDE day-to-day project work and the ESSER projects, evaluating the best fit for the projects. This allows our staff to participate in the ESSER project work and reduce the amount of transition time needed when we transition to our new environments and new applications. CDE will be engaging a full time, temporary, contract project manager to manage these efforts.


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