Job ID: FL-Doc635038951 (95090313)2P

Remote/Local Helpdesk Analyst with mobile, L2, training, software installs, hardware upgrades experience

Location: Tallahassee FL (dbpr – Department of Business & Professional Regulation )
Duration: 6 months
Positions: 3 (3 – 2 intermdiate and 1 advanced)
Attachments: Resume Certification

The Department of Business and Professional Regulations (DBPR/Department), Division of Technology requires additional Help Desk staff to receive and manage incoming calls that range from a multitude of customer based inquiries that include general questions, IT assistance and other technology issues. The Department understands that its customer’s time is valuable. Therefore, the Department wants to provide immediate assistance to its Help Desk functionality through IT staff augmentation.

Strong customer service skills are vital for these positions. Duties shall include, but may not be limited to:
•Configures and installs software for IT users’ desktops and laptops;
•Installation and rollout of new software packages;
•Upgrades and new desktop hardware;
•Maintains desktop software and hardware;
•Supports mobile workforce;
•Provides Tier 2 support to IT users for basic software and hardware of end-user computing and desktop-based LAN systems;
•Troubleshoots problems using scripts and checklists as guides;
•Escalates to Tier 3 support when necessary;
•Documents problems and resolutions;
•May perform end-user training; and
•Participates in the testing and evaluation of new desktop packages and implements prototypes.

Contractor staff may work: (1) remotely; or (2) in-person at DBPR’s Headquarters in Tallahassee or in one of our field offices throughout Florida depending on the needs in such office(s); or (3) a hybrid of the two foregoing options. It is preferred that Contractor staff work forty (40) hours weekly, with no overtime allowed and excluding state holidays. The requested services in this RFQ are anticipated to last six (6) months from date of service commencement. The Department may consider extending the services for longer depending on needs and funding.

F Resume Self-Certification Form.pdf

Remote/Local Helpdesk Analyst with mobile, L2, training, software installs, hardware upgrades experience

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