Job ID: MNSITE-2427 (9009)

Remote Java/Grails Developer with Groovy & Grails, UI, Bootstrap, jQuery, SQL Server, Hibernate, cloud experience

Location: St Paul MN (MNIT/MDE)
Duration: 6+ months
Attachments: RTR/Skill Matrix
All work is anticipated to be performed offsite.

Minimum Qualifications
•Five (5) Years of experience developing complete object-oriented Java web applications (analysis, design, implementation, build scripting, unit testing of user interface, controller, business logic, and data tiers) using the Groovy and Grails Framework (Groovy-only experience is NOT sufficient)
•Five (5) Years of experience in Java web application user interface design and implementation including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, and jQuery
•Three (3) Years of experience integrating Java web applications with SQL databases using Hibernate

Desired Skills
•Experience developing Java web applications using Grails 3.x.
•Three (3) Years of experience as a lead developer leading software development efforts and mentoring other software developers
•Five (5) Years of experience developing software both independently and in a team environment
•Three (3) Years of SQL relational database design and coding experience
•Experience working directly with business users to elicit, refine and document requirements
•Experience developing cloud-based applications
•Demonstrable analytical and problem solving skills
•Excellent oral and written communication skills

Sample Tasks
•Collaborate with business users, business analyst and developers to produce software designs
•Provide work estimates to project manager, provide frequent status updates and track progress against the project work plan
•Formulate program specifications and basic prototypes
•Elicit/refine requirements and transform software designs and specifications into high functioning code in the appropriate language
•Integrate individual software solutions to higher level systems
•Use web-based tools to create and advance applications
•Test code periodically to ensure it produces the desirable results and perform debugging when necessary
•Collaborate with business, development, and QA teams to develop testing and acceptance procedures
•Perform upgrades to make software and systems more secure and efficient
•Collaborate with business analyst, developers, and management to provide training, knowledge transfer, and documentation for technical support staff.
•Lead the end-to-end design, build, and implementation of software applications and features
•Provide project leadership, mentoring and training to other software developers on the team

Description of Project
The MN Department of Information Technology Services (MNIT) partnering with the MN Department of Education (MDE) is seeking an experienced Java/Grails developer to support MDE’s Grails applications. There are various applications built in Grails that need support. The awarded candidate should be able to take business requirements and work independently to complete assignments. However, the candidate should also be able to work with other team members to implement required functionality and to resolve data and system integration problems. The candidate will also need be engaged in project team meetings and provide regular project status updates.

The successful responder will supply one Groovy/Grails developer to support, maintain, and implement enhancements to existing Grails application within the agency. The success of this engagement is dependent on frequent interaction with very experienced project team members and the business area to communicate requirements, update status, validate implementation, and organize system integration and deployment.


RTR MN.docx

Remote Java/Grails Developer with Groovy & Grails, UI, Bootstrap, jQuery, SQL Server, Hibernate, cloud experience

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