Job ID: OR-59848(911390130)

Onsite Program Manager/PM with grant management system, vendor management, RFQ, and OCM experience

Location: SALEEM, OR (HECC)
Duration: 7 months

Skills Others Communication skills both verbal and written Proficient (4-6 Years) No
Skills Others Integration planning and strategy Proficient (4-6 Years) No
Skills Others Project management Proficient (4-6 Years) No
Skills Others Team work Proficient (4-6 Years) No

This position will be the Project Manager for the Higher Education Coordination Commission’s (HECC) implementation of a grant management system for HECC’s Future Ready Oregon grant programs. The grant management system needs to be in production by June 30, 2023. The Project Manager will lead the team through the State of Oregon Stage Gate process, vendor selection, and lead the day-to-day work of the selected vendor and the project team. The position shall maintain a high professional standard and function effectively with very little supervision. The position is overseen by the Project Director.

Consultant shall:

1. Promptly conducting Project kick-off activities following Consultant’s receipt of Notice to Proceed (“NTP”) with required Services. Examples of expected kick-off activities include: a. Reviewing Project documentation that is ‘in-progress’ or previously completed; b. Creating the Project’s administrative infrastructure, e.g.: i. Creating document repositories, ii. Establishing meeting protocols (Zoom, Teams, etc.), and iii. Planning and scheduling standing meetings (team meetings, stakeholder meetings, etc.), c. Initiating Deliverable set-up, d. Identifying key team members and Project stakeholders, and e. Scheduling introductory meetings with Project stakeholders.

2. Working with HECC Project Director and the Solution Provider, update the Project Governance Plan, which includes defined roles and responsibilities, decision making processes and authorities, etc.

3. Participate in project management activities on the Project that may result in changing or re-engineering business processes.

4. Identify, address and proactively resolve conflicts and issues that arise during Project planning, execution, and closure.

5. Update, and/or consolidate detailed resources, cost and time estimates for the Project incorporating the iQMS, the Solution Provider, and the Project Management activities.

6. Update detailed Project Management Plan, including an Integrated Project Schedule, and monitor the status of the Project.

7. Update, track, and manage the Project scope, deliverables, and implementation.

8. Manage changes to Project scope, budget, and schedule through formal change control procedures, and being accountable for having the Project completed on time and within budget.

9. In collaboration with the HECC Project Director, lead the Project and provide day-to-day leadership by establishing and maintaining the Project goals, strategy and communications, fostering trust, collaboration, and evaluation of the Project performance.

10. Guide the HECC Project Team through the Project lifecycle by facilitating, collaborating, and coordinating Project initiation, planning, executing, monitoring & controlling, closing, and evaluation processes for the Project.

11. Organize material to assure mutual understanding, and that systems analysis and technical work is communicated to all applicable parties.

12. Consult on the Request for Quote (“RFQ”) document.

13. Work with the Solution Provider to update assigned tasks to HECC staff, assessing performance issues to determine Project progress, and updating assignments.

14. Recognize technical limitations of HECC staff and providing more specific directions and/or resources for staff to progress and complete their assigned tasks.

15. Ensure the completion of the Project to HECC’s satisfaction in accordance with HECC’s and the EIS’s project management methodologies, software development /infrastructure system life cycles, standards, and agreed upon deadlines.

Consultant shall draft and/or review key project documents and advise HECC on areas of strength and opportunities for improvement, including but not limited to:

1. Project Charter

2. Detailed Business Case

3. Project Management Plan

4. Organizational Change Management Plan

5. Risk Management Plan

6. Scope Management Plan

7. Schedule Management Plan

8. Cost Management Plan

9. Financial Analysis Plan

10. Return on Investment Plan

11. Staffing Management Plan

12. Communication Management Plan

13. Procurement Management Plan

14. Issue Management Plan

15. Quality Management Plan

16. Requirements Management Plan

17. Integrated Project Schedule

18. Weekly Project Team Meetings

19. Monthly Status Reports

20. Quarterly Executive Steering Committee Meetings

21. System Security Plan

22. Procurement Documents

23. Procurement Evaluation Reports

24. Implementation Plan

25. Data Conversion Plan

26. Environment Installation Documentation

27. Test Plan

28. Testing Results Report

29. Training Plan

30. Operations Plan

31. Go-live Readiness Report

32. Deployment Report

33. Data Conversion Reports

34. Project Closeout Documentation

35. Knowledge Transfer Materials

Consultant shall lead and contribute to the business analysis, planning and artifact preparation work related to the statement of work for procuring the software solution, including:

1) Functional and Technical Requirement Analysis: Consultant shall assist in reviews and updates to the detailed functional and technical requirement documents for the Project. Consultant shall also participate in the Joint Application Design sessions to assist with documentation and elaboration on all functional and technical requirements for each segment of the Project as well as the Project as a whole.

2) Review Requirements Traceability Matrix (“RTM”): Consultant shall assist in reviews and updates to the RTM – as well as leading HECC stakeholders in the review and finalization of the project business, usability, technical, and security requirements of the RTM. Ensure the parties have a common understanding of what the requirements mean and the priority of those requirements.

3) To-Be Business Processes: Consultant shall assist in reviews and updates to documentation of the To-Be Business Process Environment Definition.

Consultant shall work with the Solution Provider and Project Steering Committee to define the implementation approach, determine roles and responsibilities, update the Integrated Project Schedule and then align team to execute the implementation plan. Consultant shall work and collaborate with HECC Project Team and Solution Provider to execute the system and business transition activities defined in the Implementation Plan.

Consultant shall work and collaborate with HECC on closing activities including:
1) Update Operational Plan – provide oversight of the transition of the Solution into maintenance mode, including supporting HECC adoption of the Backlog/Requirements management, defect management, change management, and ongoing support of internal and external stakeholder training.

2) Closing Documentation – Provide oversight and assistance in the creation of the items listed below to complete the Closing phase required to complete the Stage Gate Review Process. The Closing documents to be created include: a. Post implementation Reviews b. Closeout/Lessons Learned Reports – schedule, prepare for and perform Final Lessons Learned and Project Closure Report, where all impacted internal HECC, external Partners, and Solution Provider, QM Consultant and Project Manager Consultant staff input is collected. c. Benefits Realization Reports d. Other documentation deemed relevant by the EIS or LFO

3) Knowledge Transfer – provide oversight of the transition to HECC of all remaining Project work, including Knowledge Transfer of the status of procurements, mandatory requirements, schedule and budget changes, future features needed, ongoing business transition work, operations work, quality assurance findings and risks and issues that remain unresolved.

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Onsite Program Manager/PM with grant management system, vendor management, RFQ, and OCM experience

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