Job ID: TN-59859 (92490331)

OnSite/Local Rehabilitation Assistant with student assistance, training, campus tours, roll call, sanitizing, mediation experience

Location: Smyrna, TN DHS
Duration: 12 months

Computer literacyNovice (1-3 Years) No
CooperationNovice (1-3 Years) No
Critical ThinkingNovice (1-3 Years) No
Emotional IntelligenceNovice (1-3 Years) No
EthicsNovice (1-3 Years) No

TRC needs staff for 2nd shift 7 days per week & 1st shift on the weekends.
This classification is within the Rehabilitation Services Division of the Department of Human Services. The Tennessee Rehabilitation Center (TRC) in Smyrna provides Vocational Rehabilitation services through a Career and Technical Education Design. Through its Areas of Study and enhancement courses, TRC Smyrna teaches individuals with disabilities the skills needed for employment and independent living that enables students to obtain the proficiency, certifications and/or credentials needed to succeed in today’s labor market.

This classification performs vocational support services work of average difficulty. An employee in this class is responsible for assisting students with adjusting to campus life, providing support for learning and training opportunities, and monitoring the health and wellness of the students. This classification performs responsibilities at the entry level under general supervision. This classification differs from that of the Vocational Training Assistant in that incumbents of the latter are responsible for providing training support to students and faculty and supervising student activities within the classroom.


1. Assists students and families by completing paperwork, providing information on campus life, conducting tours of campus, and providing guidance on tasks to be completed during orientation.

2. Provides guidance and instructions to students on Activities of Daily Living, conducts wellness and safety room checks, and makes referrals to other support staff as needed.

3. Conducts regular dorm and apartment meetings to provide information on general health, safety and emergency procedures, campus information, and to empower students to identify and solve problems.

4. Monitors students on campus. Engages and interacts with students to identify safety concerns and encourage participation in campus activities. Evacuates students in emergency situations and conducts roll call.

5. Provides opportunities for students to improve communication and leadership skills through trainings and volunteer opportunities within the campus residential program.

6. Identifies and addresses emergent student health concerns after the campus wellness center closes. Provides transportation to an urgent care clinic or hospital if necessary.

7. Accompanies and transports students to off-campus locations for recreational and social activities.

8. Maintains, documents, and updates student living information and forms.

9. Identifies safety and health concerns throughout campus and submits maintenance requests as needed. Conducts general cleaning and sanitizing of dorms, apartments, and common areas.

10. Consults with case managers and other support staff regarding observations and student needs. Provides documentation on student observations, progress, group activities, and leave plans.

11. Observes students in the self-administration of medications. Provides verbal guidance and documents student’s progress towards independence. Notifies nursing staff of concerns for additional training and support.

12. Models and instructs on appropriate professional and social behaviors. Empowers students to solve problems and resolve conflicts. Offers mediation when necessary.
This position is needed on-site for 2nd shift 7 days per week (3:30pm – 12am) and 1st shift on Saturday and Sunday (8:00am – 4:00pm). The Program Manager generates the schedule 1 month in advance, or as close as possible, and shifts will vary throughout the month. The total hours worked during 1 week will be 37.5 hours.


OnSite/Local Rehabilitation Assistant with student assistance, training, campus tours, roll call, sanitizing, mediation experience

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