Job ID: MS-115080 (90090317) 5P

Onsite/ Local Data Analyst with ETL, data error, ERD’s, WebLogic, case management, and Child Welfare Experience

Location: Jackson MS (MDCPS)
Duration: 12 Months

Required to be onsite in MS one full week per month. Do NOT submit candidates unwilling to meet this requirement.
See attached job description and scoring outline. This is what each candidate will be scored on by the agency.

Required Skills/Experience
Provide the minimum required skills and/or experience the contractor must possess to qualify for this position. These requirements will be transferred to the Score Sheet and candidates without these requirements reflected on their resume will NOT be presented to the manager for consideration.
To be considered, all proposed consultants must meet the following mandatory requirements:

– Four (4) years of experience with Multidimensional Model Data Base Design, ETL design and development.
– Four (4) years of experience with calculating data error rates and data cleansing on source databases.
– Four (4) years of experience with data quality and master data management integration.
– Four (4) years of experience with ERD’s, business vocabulary, data dictionary and database schema mapping.
– Four (4) years of data analytic implimentation projects
– Two (2) years of experience with cloud-based data stack tool and platforms
– Excellent English-speaking skills, written communication skills, and knowledge transfer skills
Preferred/Not Required
Provide any skills/experience that would be helpful for the candidate to possess but not required. Examples:
Previous supervisory experience, WebLogic experience helpful, etc.

Preferred Qualifications:
Experience in Child Welfare data modeling, case management and analtyics
Experience with data quality and data exchange components of federal requirements for Child
Welfare management systems
Ability to communicate effectively
Ability to build a positive, productive rapport with team members


This position is full-time (40 hours weekly) and requires an individual to participate as a contributing team member on the MDCPS Data Management Team(DMT). The DMT is an emergent capability within MDCPS. The near-term scope of this team and this position includes participating in data
related migration and design activities on the replacement of legacy case management system with the new CCWIS Cloud-Based hosted solution, and additional to that, implementation of cloud-based data stack to enable robust and actionable analytics capabilities at MDCPS. This individual will be reporting to the lead architect on the DMT.


Data profiling legacy and external source data (Data quality diagnostic business rules and coding)
Entity Relationship Diagramming, Business Vocabulary, Data Dictionary, Semantic Models
Data mapping specifications for migration from large legacy database to new case management application, entity relationship diagrams, source and target data base schemas, data dictionary, transformation lineage, business vocabulary/semantic models.
Provisioning meta data into data stack
Semantic model development with time series, hierarchical/drill down views for child welfare metrics
Master Data Management Processes and Tools
Post capture data quality analytics and remediation orchestrated amongst applications and data stack
Identifying and documenting data transformation requirements Identifying and documenting data analytics and reporting requirements technical / ETL development
Identifying business rules for complex business metrics and coding calculations for those metrics.
Development and orchestration of data migrations, data cleansing and data transformation workstreams
Support backlog maintenance for data quality remediations


Onsite/ Local Data Analyst with ETL, data error, ERD’s, WebLogic, case management, and Child Welfare Experience

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