Local/Remote System Analyst with C/C++, .Net, Web Services, Windows Services, Kaizen, process workflow, SME interview, cost/benefit analysis,Testing, and Java experience

Job ID: CO-97670 (97591130)

Local/Remote System Analyst with C/C++, .Net, Web Services, Windows Services, Kaizen, process workflow, SME interview, cost/benefit analysis,Testing, and Java experience

Location: Denver CO (Governor’s Office of Information Technology (OIT))
Duration: 7 months

Type Category Qualification Description Competency Required
Skills Architecture Microsoft .NET Framework Proficient (4-6 Years) No
Skills Architecture Web Services and Windows Services Proficient (4-6 Years) No
Skills Database Microsoft SQL Server Proficient (4-6 Years) No
Skills Languages C/C++ Proficient (4-6 Years) Yes
Skills Languages Java Novice (1-3 Years) No

This position is a Systems Analyst, which will be needed for a Technical Debt project. The systems analyst must be able to suggest refactoring of software applications, identify levels of technical debt associated with software applications and provide useful information to the IT teams responsible for eliminating or reducing the technical debt of the software applications used to support the constituents of the state of Colorado.

Chosen candidate must work in the state of Colorado(remotely), and have a vast knowledge of different technology, languages and system design.

Systems analysts study an organization’s current systems (ex. Computers) and design ways to improve efficiency. The Primary role of this position is to develop processes and procedures to enhance the services provided, add consistency across the enterprise and to collaborate with Subject Matter Experts to devise the best standards. Contribute to Kaizen (change for the better or continuous improvement) activities and process improvement initiatives. Assist with the definition and design of tools, standard operating procedures and processes. Audit activities and drive process improvement while working in the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) team within the Solution, Delivery and Support team.. Specific duties are as follows:
Training users on how to appropriately utilize their systems
Writing instruction manuals for systems
Write processes and procedures that detail specific steps necessary to complete a technical objective, activity or task;
Review and validate processes and procedures written by other staff members;
Diagram process workflows;
Ability to watch video and/or interview SMEs and convert information into procedures that outline steps to achieve specific technical outcomes;
Assist in solutioning activities such as research, comparative analysis, attending and documenting the outcomes of vendor technical review meetings;
Assisting in mapping applications and systems to business capabilities;
Consulting with managers to determine what role the systems play in the business
Testing the systems on a regular basis to ensure quality and function
Preparing costs and benefits analysis on systems
Brainstorming new ways to add more functionality to systems
Choosing and configuring the hardware and software of a system
The ability to take initiative and be self-motivated
An adaptable and flexible attitude, allowing them to approach and solve a problem by examining it from different angles
Strong interpersonal skills
Assist in reviewing and rationalizing processes and procedures that guide staff to perform technical activities or tasks
Written and verbal communication skills
The ability to collaborate within a team
Strong attention to detail
Developed skills in examination and analysis


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