Job ID: NC-699619 (911090111)

Hybrid Salesforce Developer with Community, Service Cloud, Gov Cloud, SOQL, SOSL, Shield, Lightning, Apex/C#/Java/Ruby, MVC experience

Location: Raleigh NC (DHHS)
Duration: 12 months
Positions: 2 (2)

SkillRequired / DesiredAmountof Experience
Salesforce Certified Platform App Builder CertificationRequired
Salesforce Platform Developer 1 CertificationRequired
Salesforce Platform Developer II CertificationRequired
Experience using Salesforce Platform Community, Service Cloud, and Gov CloudRequired5Years
Experience with Salesforce Object Query Language (SOQL) and and Salesforce Object Search Language (SOSL)Required5Years
Experience using Shield and LightningRequired7Years
Experience with object-oriented languages such as Apex, Java, JavaScript, C#, and Ruby.Required7Years
Experience with Model View Controller (MVC) architecture and component-based architectureRequired7Years
Experience with requirements analysis and business process design.Required7Years

The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services requires the services of a technical specialist to revamp existing Curam Child Care Provider Portal using Salesforce to enhance the functionality and improve user experience of Child Care Subsidy Program module within the North Carolina Families Accessing Services through Technology(NC FAST) application. This portal will be used by providers who are accepting and providing childcare services for children of essential workers.The Salesforce Application Senior Developer is responsible for the overall development and product management of the Salesforce Provider Portal. Responsibilities include Compiling requirements for the Salesforce application to enable varied business functions. Responsibilities include managing risks and issues associated with design choices, supporting definition of user roles and profiles, security settings, access settings (User Profiles, Role Hierarchy, Sharing Rules and Security), and identifying opportunities for application optimization, integration, redesign, or development. This role must exhibit the ability to design applications to support business processes and reporting requirements and be familiar with the Salesforce development environments and the options available to deploy applications and manage changes on the Lightning Platform. This role is also responsible for identifying production risks and areas for improvement, update and develop custom validations and/or code as needed based on business requirements, and support configuration updates to the Salesforce environment.



Hybrid Salesforce Developer with Community, Service Cloud, Gov Cloud, SOQL, SOSL, Shield, Lightning, Apex/C#/Java/Ruby, MVC experience

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