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Hybrid/Local Project manager with BA, SaaS, WBS, gap analysis, MS-Project, MS-Visio and SharePoint Experience

Location: Hartford, CT DCF
Duration: 12+ Months

coordinating vendor and business staff schedules and setting up Remote MS Teams and/or Zoom meetings as well as onsite/hybrid Outlook meetings

Communication skills both verbal and written Advanced (7-9 Years)No
Presentation skills Proficient (4-6 Years) No
Project management Proficient (4-6 Years) No
Team work Proficient (4-6 Years) No
Microsoft Office ProfessionAl No

The State of Connecticut Department of Children and Families (DCF) is looking for an organized Project Manager to oversee the roll out of an automated Data Quality platform. This position will report to the DAS IT Manager within the Project Management Office.

The CT Department of Children and Families (DCF) faces numerous demands for information about the children and families we serve, from both internal and external requesters. Internally our data is routinely used to prioritize work that needs to be done, informing case planning decisions, identifying gaps in our service array, and more. External stakeholders including the federal government, courts, legislature, other executive branch agencies, service providers and advocacy/interest groups also pose both routine and ad hoc needs for information. Several specific datasets are required by federal statute/regulations (AFCARS, NCANDS, NYTD and 1099-MISC), and DCF is required by state statute PA 18-175 2(h) “to publish, as open data, any public data that the agency has identified…” The need for a high degree of quality in our source data is of paramount importance so that these demands can be met reliably and with integrity.

CT-KIND Project Development is a partnership between DCF Information Systems, Business Owners (Child Welfare/Social Work Managers and staff), and vendors selected to assist with meeting development goals. The project also must meet federal requirements for development of a Comprehensive Child Welfare Information System (CCWIS) in order to ensure ongoing federal financial participation (FFP). The FFP rate for CCWIS projects provides 50% reimbursement for all allowable expenses incurred by the state per federal regulation 45 CFR Part 1356.60(e). CCWIS requirements are detailed in federal regulations at 45 CFR Part 1355.50 – 1355.59, and include specific requirements for data quality planning and implementation. 1355.52(d)(2) requires that “the Title IV-E agency must implement and maintain automated functions in CCWIS to:

· Regularly monitor CCWIS data quality
· Alert staff to collect, update, correct and enter CCWIS data
· Send electronic requests to child welfare contributing agency systems to submit current and historical CCWIS data to the CCWIS
· Prevent, to the extent practicable, the need to re-enter data already captured or exchanged with the CCWIS, and
· Generate reports of continuing or unresolved CCWIS data quality problems.

As CT-KIND modules are developed and released, data must be synchronized between the new database and the existing LINK database so that features in both continue to function uninterrupted until LINK is fully decommissioned. Other requirements, and desired features, of the system include bi-directional data exchanges “to exchange relevant data, including data that may benefit IV-E agencies and data exchange partners in serving clients and improving outcomes.” Ensuring data quality within DCF data sources is a considerable challenge, but we must also make efforts to ensure the quality of all data coming into the system from our exchange partners, as well as all data going out to them. Accomplishing these goals efficiently and in a cost-effective manner will require sophisticated new software products, as well as creative and collaborative use of human resources.

The Department of Administrative Services is seeking a Project/Program Manager 2, Master Agreement # 14PSX0338, to provide project management services implementation of the DCF CCWIS Automated Data Quality project.
Specific Services Required:

· Establish governance model, policies and procedures to manage the project

· Schedule and track work across functions and organization boundaries

· Schedule and track all training with the agency.

· Oversee all project artifacts, including project profile, project plan, WBS, project management plan, project summary, solution alternatives, cost benefit, risk analysis, and change management using industry standard PM tools.

· Coordinate with Agency business users, IT, and software vendor to stand up the product and establish a solid foundation for ongoing implementation

· Participate in project kick-off, decision-end point, and project status meetings; review status reports; develop and deliver project presentations and updates to DAS/BITs management and Agency Executive Sponsors.

Required Skills/Experience:
Proposed candidate should have a minimum of five (5) years of Project Management and Business Analysis experience, including:
· Extensive experience in project planning & initiation, team management, technical & vendor coordination and implementation of SaaS business solutions.
Experience in executing projects using project management and full systems development methodologies and best practices.
Experience in developing and maintaining project profiles, project management plan, project plan & WBS, solution alternatives, and risk analysis.

· Experience in developing functional, non-functional and technical requirements; business process model; gap analysis, system general and detailed design, requirements tractability matrix, test strategy & plans

· Experience with change management activities, working collaboratively with business and technology owners, subject matter experts, software vendor and end users in successful implementation of the systems.

· Experience coordinating vendor and business staff schedules and setting up Remote MS Teams and/or Zoom meetings as well as onsite/hybrid Outlook meetings
· Experience training and mentoring agency staff
· Proficient in MS Office tools, such as, MS-Project, SharePoint, MS-Visio, PowerPoint, Excel and Word.
· Proven leadership skills, along with excellent multi-tasking, organizational, negotiation, communication and interpersonal skills.
· Ability to meet tight deadlines and adapt to changing priorities.

Deliverables: The descriptions under “Specific Services” form a guide to the anticipated work, as it is currently envisioned. These tasks may be adjusted, reduced or expanded as the project progresses through various phases. The contract employee shall be expected to maintain and provide written documentation on any work performed in conjunction with this engagement. The contract employee shall also provide training and mentoring to Agency staff as needed.

Duration/Work Schedule: The engagement is planned up to 12 months beginning on or about September 1, 2022. DCF reserves the right to extend the contract term, if deemed necessary, to support additional functionality; however, that decision will not be made until near the end of the initial engagement. All work will be performed in eight (8) hour shifts, 5 days per week, between 7:45am and 5:30pm on normal scheduled business days (Monday to Friday), excluding State holidays. Payment will be on a time and material basis and paid only for hours worked. Travel to other sites may be required. Locations are primarily in Hartford area. Schedule will be a combination of onsite and remote work based on agency need. Travel Reimbursement is not provided.

State Resources and Oversight: The Connecticut Department of Administrative Services will provide support and guidance to the contractor selected to provide support for these initiatives. Oversight will be provided by a DCF Project Director. The contractor will have dedicated office space and will provide all computer hardware and software for this project.

Security/Privacy Considerations: Information accessible by the contractor employees may be sensitive, confidential or subject to the Privacy Act and/or HIPAA considerations. Contractor personnel must be familiar with and comply with the provisions of appropriate regulations and/or instructions. Signing of a confidentiality agreement and criminal background check will be required. Daily sign-in to the facility will be required. The display of an access badge will be required at all times that the contractor employee is present in the facility.

General/Miscellaneous: The contractor employee shall discuss and coordinate workload and job scheduling priorities and task assignments with Project Director or designee. Agency management may request the termination of any agreement resulting from this solicitation, after adequate notice, in the event that contractor performance is or becomes inadequate to support the requirements of this initiative.


Hybrid/Local Project manager with BA, SaaS, WBS, gap analysis, MS-Project, MS-Visio and SharePoint Experience

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