Job ID: MI-115169 (913590319)

Hybrid/Local Linux/System Admin/Infrastructure Solutions Architect with R/Python/Bash, SLURM, HPC systems, PostgreSQL, Network Appliance, Storage, Networking, Load Balancing, conda, Ansible/Puppet experience

Location: Lansing, MI (DTMB)
Duration: 12 months
Remote or On-site: Candidates MUST be local or relocate from day of acceptance at their own expense. Will need to be onsite starting day 1 for hybrid work schedule. NO REMOTE ONLY OPTION.

Required Skills/Experience
10+ years experience with the Linux CLI environment and coding languages such as R, Python, Bash
• 10+ years experience with workload management systems such as SLURM
• 10+ years experience with setting up HPC systems including identifying suitable hardware and software needs
• 10+ years experience with setting up and managing databases such as PostgreSQL
• 10+ years experience performing System Administration including installation, configuration, and support software, packages, and libraries in various environments
• 10+ years experience with Network Appliance clustered servers and applicable software
• 10+ years experience with hands-on troubleshooting, issue resolution, discrepancy tracking, and report generation
• 10+ years experience with Linux configuration regarding Storage, Networking, Load Balancing, Memory Management, VMs, Firewalls, and System Monitoring
• 10+ years experience with computer security
• Knowledge of package management systems such as conda
• Knowledge of automation tools such as Ansible or Puppet
• Experience with cloud computing (setting up compute engines, storage buckets)
• Strong knowledge of enterprise storage solutions
• Familiar with software frameworks used for searching, monitoring, and analyzing big data
• Good communication skills
• Ability to stay organization
• Focused attention to detail
• Accuracy and efficiency, with personal integrity, dedication, and creativity
• Willingness to be flexible, while taking initiative
• Ability to provide the program with knowledgeable resources
• Ability to work as a team member is a must

The individual is responsible for overseeing the maintenance and security of the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services
(MDHHS) Bureau of Laboratories (BOL) Bioinformatics and Sequencing Section local and cloud High-Performance Computing (HPC)
systems. Their duties include installing antivirus or malware protection software, responding to employee concerns, or drafting
documents to help employees use computer systems, maintaining databases and software on the HPC system and coordinating with
company leadership to determine new technologies that could enhance their Section’s computer systems. This position will work
closely with bioinformatics staff, LIMS, DTMB and Google Cloud support teams on activities to perform needed analysis and provide
technical feedback. Not having a resource on staff will result in a lower quality of support for MDHSS BOL. Current support is
sometimes delayed due to other priorities. On-stie support is also required which requires planning by current support staff.
Improvements in the current system architecture have been requested which will require more hours than current staff have capacity for.
•Basic HPC security
•Implementing and maintaining data management infrastructure
•Providing support for SAN and NAS storage, backup/recovery environments and virtualization infrastructure by implementing, managing, and monitoring the hardware and software
•Playing a major role in the security, disaster recovery and services continuity of a highly available enterprise storage and backup infrastructure by following established procedures and compliance requirements
•Technical support (installation, configuration, maintenance, upgrade, retirement, troubleshooting).
•Configuration management using frameworks such as Ansible, Puppet, and Chef.
•Administration of high-speed network storage systems.
•Managing, configuring, and supporting cloud systems such as setting up, maintaining, and troubleshooting cloud compute engines and storage buckets
•Managing databases
•Assisting staff to access and utilize computing resources
•Co-ordinating with Labs and DTMB staff on maintaining and managing the computational resources

ID Verification & Interview Process 9.01.2022 (1).pdf

State of Michigan Hybrid Work Environment Attestation (1).docx

NEW MI Candidate Cover Sheet.docx


Hybrid/Local Linux/System Admin/Infrastructure Solutions Architect with R/Python/Bash, SLURM, HPC systems, PostgreSQL, Network Appliance, Storage, Networking, Load Balancing, conda, Ansible/Puppet experience

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