Job ID: MS-114325 (90090222)3P

Hybrid Healthcare PM with clinical, EHR, eligibility, claims, MPI, ESB, interoperability, MS Project, Kanban, HCD, Medicaid, RFP/procurement, CMS experience

Location: Jackson, MS (DOM)
Duration: 36 months
Onsite/Remote: Preference will be given to candidates who can work 40 hours a week at the Division of Medicaid (DOM) office, located in Jackson MS, for the duration of the contract. Alternatively, candidates who travel will be considered, however, they will be required to be in the office, in Jackson, MS, every other week, for the duration of the contract. If candidates are traveling, please propose fully loaded rate.

Required Skills/Experience
Provide the minimum required skills and/or experience the contractor must possess to qualify for this position. These
requirements will be transferred to the Score Sheet and candidates without these requirements reflected on their resume will
NOT be presented to the manager for consideration.
5 years of Project Management experience on enterprise IT projects;
5 years experience with clinical data and working with clinical staff, including working closely with payer clinical staff as
well as healthcare providers and their IT staff, and healthcare provider systems such as Electronic Health Records
5 years experience with claims and eligibility data and related systems;
2 years experience with a Master Person Index (MPI);
2 years experience with an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB);
2 years experience with patient privacy and protection, including HIPAA and protection and encryption of data;
2 years experience with healthcare data interoperability, including interoperability interfaces, standards, etc.
2 years experience with Microsoft Project;
2 years experience with Kanban processes
Preferred/Not Required
Provide any skills/experience that would be helpful for the candidate to possess but not required. Examples: Previous supervisory
experience, WebLogic experience helpful, etc.
3 years Project Management experience with enterprise Healthcare IT projects
3 years experience in Human Center Design methodology
3 years experience with Medicaid IT projects or Healthcare payer IT projects
2 years experience working with State IT procurements, including RFPs and development of RFPs
2 years experience working with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) rules, requirements, reporting,

Position Description and Job Skill Set
Description of the job functions the contractor will be expected to perform.
DOM is currently migrating existing systems and services to a new, unified data lake, which will contain clinical and
administrative data, and connect to tools such as Analytics and Population Health. Clinical data flows to DOM from
provider EHRs (external trading partners), and administrative data flows from internal and external DOM systems, thus
there are multiple internal and external systems and stakeholders in this project that will require connectivity and
interoperability with the Data Lake. DOM has a roadmap for adding additional systems, such as an integration layer, in
the future, which will be connected and provide interoperability with the Data Lake for all systems currently utilized and
implemented in the future by DOM to further automation efforts and support business area needs for real time data data
exchange and visibility into current operations.

Job Description:
Provide technical project management for the Data Lake project, including migration and discontinuation of
existing systems and data to the new DOM data lake;
Assist in the development and procurement of the Data Lake, associated components and the future
integration layer;
Assist in strategic planning concerning future utilization of the Data Lake in a modular environment at the
Division of Medicaid as a key component to achieve MITA maturity by integrating data from disparate systems
to allow for future automation and efficiencies at the agency.
Assist in ongoing testing of clinical data and administrative data, as well as tools and services that impact the
new Data Lake;
Provide technical project management for the Data Lake project, including for multiple contractors, staff,
vendors, and systems;
Manage the Kanban methodology for DOM;
Manage project documentation.
Manage project upgrades, patches, fixes, etc.
Manage project plans and schedules.
Clearly communicate both in writing and verbally to DOM leadership, including project successes, risks,
potential impacts, etc.
Provide written notes and minutes of meetings.
Work closely with other project technical staff;
Perform other duties as assigned.



Hybrid Healthcare PM with clinical, EHR, eligibility, claims, MPI, ESB, interoperability, MS Project, Kanban, HCD, Medicaid, RFP/procurement, CMS experience

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