Healthcare PM (PMP) With MMIS, MS suite, Electronic Visit Verification, risk management and HHSC experience.

Job ID: TX-529210048C (99090120)

Healthcare PM (PMP) With MMIS, MS suite, Electronic Visit Verification, risk management and HHSC experience.

Location: Austin,TX (HHSC)
Duration: 6 months
Position:1 (1/1)

Years Required/Preferred Experience
3 Required Project management experience coordinating and overseeing the transition of business processes and/or systems in an automation environment.
3 Required Experience with Medicaid Enterprise Systems, including Medicaid Management Information Systems (MMIS).
3 Required Experience in managing to a scope of work for a large scale and complex IT project.
3 Required Experience identifying problems, evaluating alternatives, and implementing effective solutions; preparing reports, and planning, assigning, and supervising the work of others.
3 Required Demonstrated ability to meet tight deadlines.
3 Required Experience successfully leading meetings and facilitating discussions between multiple stakeholder groups.
3 Required Experience with Texas Medicaid processes and policies.
3 Required Experience managing and coordinating multiple concurrent business and technical activities.
3 Required Experience reporting project status to management including risks, issues, and key decisions.
3 Required Experience with Microsoft Office products: Teams, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Project, Outlook. Exceptional software skills in Word and Visio.
3 Required Proven ability utilizing business analysis skills; interacting with business end users and technical staff; managing multiple responsibilities.
3 Required Oral and written communication skills.
3 Required Experience and judgment to plan and accomplish goals and independently perform a variety of complicated tasks; a wide degree of creativity and latitude is expected.
3 Required Analytical, problem-solving, and coordination skills.
2 Preferred Experience with Medicaid Long-term Care programs.
2 Preferred Experience with Texas Health and Human Services programs.
2 Preferred Experience with Electronic Visit Verification systems or processes.
1 Preferred Project Management Professional (PMP) certification.

The Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) Claims Management Division (CMD) is responsible for overseeing the Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) Program. EVV is a computer-based system used to document Medicaid service delivery visits by electronically recording the precise time a service delivery visit begins and ends. Texas requires EVV for certain Medicaid funded home and community-based services provided through HHSC and managed care organizations (MCOs). HHSC currently contracts with Accenture Healthcare Services, LLC to deliver EVV System Management Services to support the Title XIX Texas Medical Assistance Program (Medicaid) and other state and federally funded programs. The current contract with Accenture will expire August 31, 2023. Texas is currently procuring a contractor to provide EVV System Management Services and a new state funded EVV system beginning in 2023.

The worker will oversee the EVV System Management Services transition to a new vendor. This position will oversee operational and technical transition activities and provide a programmatic view of the overall health of the transition, including preparing solution options, risk identification, deliverable reviews and other transition related efforts/meetings and will work closely with program staff, directors, program managers, vendors, and other related stakeholders. The worker will report to the director and program manager on status across transition activities. This will be a key role in ensuring the success of the EVV System Management Transition.

The project manager will be responsible for:

Development, maintenance and monitoring of project timelines and transition activities.

Coordinating and assigning duties and responsibilities to staff.

Planning transition activities.

Identification of critical path dependencies.

Communicating status, issues, risks, and recommendations to the director and program manager.

Planning and managing efficient project meetings and documenting key decisions.

Designing strategies to mitigate or avoid identified project risks and difficulties.

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