Job ID: CO-23-1000-ETL BU(96290209)
CLOSED-Remote Informatica Developer with Oracle DW, ETL, SQL, Ed Facts files generation/federal reporting experience
Location: Denver, Colorado (CO CDE)
Duration: 6 months

Skills Others ETL Proficient (4-6 Years) Yes
Skills Others Informatica Proficient (4-6 Years) Yes
Skills Others Oracle Data Warehouse Proficient (4-6 Years) Yes
Skills Others SQL Proficient (4-6 Years) Yes

The Colorado Department of Education (“CDE” or “the Department”) has been awarded a grant which includes the Implementation of Common Education Data Standards (CEDS) databases and an upgrade of the CDE infrastructure. A CDE employee will be partnering with the selected individual to work on the SLDS (Statewide Longitudinal Data System) project and on the on-going daily maintenance work. This statement of work is to engage a contractor for this partnership. Included in the daily work but not limited to, is maintaining the existing Oracle Data Warehouse environment and ETL development.

The contractor will need experience in Informatica and SQL. This involves using Informatica and SQL to load tables and generate files for federal reporting. In addition, this individual may be requested to provide recommendations, documentation, and knowledge transfer to the CDE staff. With this partnership the need for knowledge transfer should happen in the normal course of work between the DW team and the contractor.


1.1 The Department’s Project Manager for this project is Kevin Smith (Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse Team Supervisor). This contractor will report to Kevin Smith.

1.2 Contractor shall work closely and collaboratively with the Department’s Project Manager throughout the duration of the Purchase Order to discuss suggestions or issues and incorporate guidance from the Department while performing the work described within this Statement of Work.

1.3 The Contractor shall alert the Department’s Project Manager, when issues or potential risks are encountered that will affect the project.

Prior to the Covid crisis, nearly all staff, employees and contractors worked on premises at the CDE office located at 201 E. Colfax Ave, Denver, CO 80203. During the crisis, most staff, employees, and contractors have worked from remote locations. Policies have not been fully formulated for how we will work in the future. Once they are completed, it is expected to be dependent on the roles and the need for each role to be in the office. For most roles, it is likely to be a blend of office and remote work.

For this role, Database Programmer, applicants can expect to work remotely.

NOTE: Contractor shall provide its their own computer hardware and software necessary to perform the Work at CDE’s facilities.

If working at the CDE office, CDE will provide the contractor with office space, phone, and internet access at CDE’s Colfax office subject to all applicable health and safety guidelines and requirements.

While working remotely at locations other than CDE’s office, CDE will provide the contractor with virtual access to the data and systems necessary for completion of the Work.

1.4 The Contractor shall provide documentation to the Project Manager. This documentation must provide details on the work provided and at a level a Department employee can use the information to support the work at the end of the contract.

1.5 The Contractor shall submit detailed status reports or participate in weekly status meetings as required by the Department during the engagement.

1.6 The Contractor shall attend required meetings with the required project stakeholders as directed by the Department. These meetings will be scheduled by a Department employee. All questions and communication should go through the Project Manager, Kevin Smith. If Kevin is not available, he will designate a Department employee for the communication.

1.7 Contractor shall retain all work papers generated for reference through the duration of the project and project acceptance.

1.8 Contractor shall respond to all telephone calls, voicemail, and e-mail inquiries from the Department within one business day.


2.1. The Student Data Transparency and Security Act (C.R.S. §§ 22-16-101, et seq.) governing the privacy of Personally Identifiable Information requires a confidentiality contract between CDE and Contractor.

2.2. Attached hereto and incorporated herein by reference and agreed to by the parties is a Confidentiality and Protection of Personally Identifiable Information Agreement (“Confidentiality Agreement”). Terms of the Confidentiality Agreement shall be considered binding upon the execution of the Purchase Order and shall remain in effect during the term of the Purchase Order including any extensions.

SECTION 3.0 Balance SLDS Work With DAILY Maintenance of our existing structure

3.1. With the guidance of the data warehouse manager and in partnership with a DW employee, the contractor shall

3.1.1. Review internal CDE documentation and provide maintenance and support for the existing CDE Informatica and SQL processes.

3.1.2. Review status on the SLDS project and perform tasks as determined by the partnership. This may include, but is not limited to, mapping of data fields to the new environment and structures, migrating data, testing, and other duties as assigned in the MS Azure cloud environment using SQL and possibly Data Factory skills

3.2. Informatica Skills

Strong development skills: ability to develop very difficult or complicated transformation from scratch

Strong administrative skills including repository management and knowledge of best practices regarding Informatica

3.3. Strong oral and written communication skills working with both business users and technical staff

3.4. The contractor shall demonstrate their understanding of the overall project goals and the specific goals as pertains to the contractor’s assignment for this project to the satisfaction of the Project Manager.

3.5. The contractor be able to advise and provide guidance on the requested work.

3.6. The contractor shall develop, maintain, and support Extract Transform and Load processes which are written using Informatica and SQL.

3.7. The contractor shall use Informatica and SQL to load the CDE Data Warehouse tables and generate Ed Facts files for federal reporting.

3.8. The contractor shall thoroughly test and document each step taken and perform knowledge transfer to the CDE staff.

CO-RTR .doc

CLOSED-Remote Informatica Developer with Oracle DW, ETL, SQL, Ed Facts files generation/federal reporting experience

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