Remote TerminalFour Developer with WCAG (must), graphic design and any CMS (WordPress/Drupal) experience

Job ID: MNCity-WebDev (98591102)3P

Remote TerminalFour Developer with WCAG (must), graphic design and any CMS (WordPress/Drupal) experience

Location: Minneapolis MN (City of Minneapolis) Remote work for now
Duration: 6-7 months
Positions: 1 (1/2)
Interview: Skype Video on November 5-6
Attachments: RTR/skill matrix
References: 3
Visa: any
Resume: 4 pages max

Demonstrated experience and/or expertise is website administration.
Demonstrated experience and/or expertise in webpage design and creation.
Demonstrated experience and/or expertise in graphic design & image prep for the web.
Knowledge of and experience with web and accessibility best practices is required.
Ability to provide a focused and positive customer service experience.
Demonstrated expertise in problem solving in a complex environment.
Demonstrated understanding of and ability to follow process and design standards.
Demonstrated experience working in a team environment, showing strong internal and external customer focus, and establishing and maintaining effective relationships
TerminalFour platform (or other content management system) knowledge and experience

Assignments are:
• Assisting with migration and content transformation activities to move content from the exist website platform to the new City website TerminalFour platform.
• This position will be involved with meeting the goals of these project areas:
o Redesign – new look, feel and user interface
o Reorganization – content presented from residents’ perspective
o Readability – content rewritten using plain language and active voice
o Inclusivity – meets WCAG AA 2.1 accessibility guidelines
o Findability – add search terms to content and use new search functionality
o Technology – using a new, secure web content management system
• Build new pages following the City standards and framework on the new City website TerminalFour platform.
• Develop and manage web content through the use of a content management system (CMS).
o Ensure consistent/logical website navigation and content follows City guidelines.
o Create sitemap.
o Conduct online usability testing.
o Interpret data and qualitative feedback.
o Implement approved information architecture provided by web team.

RTR MNCity.docx


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