QA Lead with SQL Server, T-SQL, data analysis, Visio, CMMI/Agile and automated testing (Selenium/Cucumber) experience

Job ID: MI-561561 (95390523)

QA Lead with SQL Server, T-SQL, data analysis, Visio, CMMI/Agile and automated testing (Selenium/Cucumber) experience

Location: 608 W Allegan St. Lansing, MI (MDE)
Duration: 12 months
In Person Only

Skill Required / Desired Amount of Experience Expertise Rating
Microsoft SQL Server / T-SQL direct hands-on experience with ad hoc query programs Required 5 Years
Data analysis, data verification, and problem-solving abilities Required 5 Years
Ability to communicate test progress, test results, and other relevant information to project stakeholders and management Required 5 Years
Strong knowledge of system testing best practices and methodologies Required 5 Years
Proficiency with all MS Office and Visio applications Required 5 Years
Knowledge of the Software Development Lifecycle and related methodologies (e.g. CMMI, Agile, or other industry standard) Required 5 Years
Direct experience in overseeing the design, development, and implementation of quality assurance standards for software testing Required 7 Years
Automated testing experience with Selenium, Cucumber or other tools Desired 2 Years

Years of Experience: 7-10 years of experience in the field of quality assurance (QA) testing. Job Description: Seeking a Senior Quality Assurance (QA) Analyst to support the continual development and maintenance of interactive, secure, authenticated web applications designed by the Michigan Department of Education (MDE), Division of Accountability Services (DAS).

This is a leadership position, responsible for maintaining a consistent, effective, and efficient QA process to be followed by all QA team members on a weekly basis. Documentation of the QA process is expected. Iterative refinement of the QA process is the responsibility of the Senior QA Analyst; the candidate should be able to identify obstructions to the efficiency and effectiveness of the QA process and work to remove those obstructions as well as identify and communicate process improvement recommendations. The Senior QA Analyst will work closely with the business clients to understand requirements for new development as well as updates to current system functionality and bug fixes. During requirements gathering, this person should be able to recommend improvements to the business client that will help maintain system standards or standard web application design practices. Using the requirements, the Senior QA Analyst will lead the QA team in the creation of acceptance criteria and test plans. Acceptance criteria will often include verifying data displayed or created through the application; test plans will often require the QA team to find and use specific scenario data. It is imperative that the Senior QA Analyst understand normalized database structure and can create complex SQL select statements to assist the QA team in finding, understanding, and verifying data. The Senior QA Analyst must be able to train the QA team in writing SQL select statements, answer SQL questions during testing, and review the validity of SQL tests performed by the QA team. At times, the Senior QA Analyst will need to approach business clients to create test data to complete test plans. Other times, the Senior QA Analyst will need to work with the business client to understand how to create specific data scenarios within the system QA environment and then document and share that knowledge with the rest of the QA team. The Senior QA Analyst is also expected to participate in user acceptance testing (UAT) and document test results along with the rest of the QA team. The Senior QA Analyst must have experience with performance testing and be mindful of performance issues that may arise during UAT testing. When the QA team is finished testing a set of newly developed items, the Senior QA Analyst will be responsible to review the work of the QA team and give final sign-off for development to move to Production environment. The ability to identify critical issues and clearly communicate the status of QA items is essential to the success of the Senior QA Analyst. The candidate must be able to collaborate with developers, business analysts, and business clients to determine if issues identified during the QA process are valid and within the scope of the development request or should be addressed in a separate request. The Senior QA Analyst will be responsible for the final validation of development work in the Production environment and will be the key point-person for testing critical fixes for Production issues.

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