Project/Program Manager (PMP) with MS Project, COTS, oversight/compliance entities, EV/EVA, IV&V, SharePoint/Visio and government experience

Job ID: FL-APD1920-001 (910990322)4P

Project/Program Manager (PMP) with MS Project, COTS, oversight/compliance entities, EV/EVA, IV&V, SharePoint/Visio and government experience

Location: Tallahassee FL (Agency for Persons with Disabilities (APD))
Duration: 12 months
Interview: In-person
Positions: 1 (1/1)
Resume: 3 pages max
Docs: Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities Matrix and RTR (attached)

Minimum Qualifications
1. Academic
i. Bachelor’s degree in computer science, management information systems, engineering or related field.
2. Skills and Abilities
i. Must be highly skilled in Microsoft Project, including resource loading, baselining, complex dependencies, critical path, etc.
ii. Must be highly self-motivated and directed.
iii. Must have strong analytical, organizational leadership, and interpersonal skills.
iv. Must have excellent oral and written communication skills and be able to adapt message to a variety of stakeholders. Active Toastmasters strongly preferred.
v. Must have keen attention to details.
vi. Ability to build partnerships and collaboration between individuals and project teams.
vii. Ability to work in a dynamically changing environment as well as the ability to work effectively while under pressure.
viii. Ability to effectively prioritize and execute tasks.
ix. Ability to present ideas and multi-task in an organized and highly efficient manner.
x. Ability to foster team-oriented, collaborative environment.
xi. Ability to manage operational and project teams concurrently.
3. Experience
i. 10+ years of successfully project managing COTS implementation/integration and/or system development lifecycle (SDLC) projects.
ii. 10+ years’ experience developing project artifacts/documents based on Project Management Institute (PMI) standards to meet project, delivery, oversight, and compliance requirements.
iii. 5+ years working with oversight and compliance entities (Florida Legislative Staff, OPB, and Agency for State Technology [AST]) providing required project status reports and facilitating progress review meetings.
iv. 5+ years collaborating with senior and executive management, including the Agency/Department Head, Business Unit Directors, General Counsel, and Inspector General.
v. 5+ years leading and managing cross-functional (matrix) project teams with varying functional backgrounds (operational, technical, managerial, programmatic, etc.)
vi. Prior project management experience with the Agency.
vii. Experience calculating earned value, cost performance index and scope performance index.
viii. Experience working and collaborating with IV&V (Independent Verification & Validation) entities.
ix. Experience developing project artifacts as required by the state legislature as part of the budget process (e.g. Schedule IV-B).
4. Certifications
i. Project Management Institute (PMI) certified Project Management Professional (PMP).
5. General
i. Office Automation/Productivity Tools: Proficient in Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, Project, SharePoint, Visio, and Word.
ii. Communication: Team player with excellent verbal and written communication skills; Active Toastmasters strongly preferred.

The Senior PM will provide direction and leadership to project team members and will be responsible for the following.
1. Lead and manage all phases in the project management life cycle, from project initiation to project completion.
2. Establish and manage to project scope to ensure project executes and completes according to project quality standards on time and within budget.
3. Consult, advise, and direct cross‐functional teams that align to a defined project structure.
4. Manage project activities through the entire project lifecycle toward ensuring all programmatic, technical, security, regulatory, financial, and time requirements are met or exceeded.
5. Develop project artifacts/documents based on PMI standards to meet project, oversight and compliance requirements (Agency for State technology [AST], Office of Policy and Budget [OPB], Legislature).
6. Communicate consistently and effectively with the project team, Executive Steering Committee (ESC) and stakeholders on project status via status reports, status meetings, emails and other channels as defined in the project communication plan.
7. Create, manage, track and report project schedule (using Microsoft Project), including dependencies, milestones, deadlines, and other information that may affect delivery or quality of the project.
8. Identify, track and manage issues and risks; provide mitigation strategies and contingency plans; make decisions and suggest alternative solutions based on available resources, options, and best practices.
9. Calculate and report project earned value, cost performance index and scope performance index.
10. Review deliverables for accuracy and completeness working with the vendor project team to address any deficiencies.
11. Effectively engage with the project team to address inter‐department dependencies and bring to resolution conflicts of priority.
12. Efficiently manage operational constraints and project product deployments across multiple and progressive rollouts.
13. Collaborate with internal APD resources, including in‐house General Counsel, Contract Manager, Information Security Manager and Inspector General to ensure completion of project within applicable regulatory, legal and security requirements.
14. Identify business objectives to develop benefits realization table to measure project success.
15. Work effectively with cross‐functional business units and groups with varying functional backgrounds (operational, technical, managerial, programmatic, etc.).
16. Develop project artifacts as required by the state legislature as part of the budget process (e.g. schedule IV‐B).
17. Guide and manage operational teams post project‐product deployment, beginning with first rollout.
18. Build partnerships and collaboration between individuals and project teams.

In October 2004, APD became an agency separate from the Florida Department of Children and Families (DCF), specifically tasked with serving the needs of Floridians with developmental disabilities. Prior to that time, it existed as the Development Disabilities Program within DCF.
APD supports persons with developmental disabilities in living, learning, and working in their communities. APD is responsible for providing services to persons with developmental disabilities, including the operation of all state institutional programs and the programmatic and operational management of Medicaid home and community based waivers established to provide services to persons with developmental disabilities.
One of the core objectives is to increase our Medicaid Information Technology Architecture (MITA) maturity in the Care Management Business Area by improving the needs of the individual member, their treatment plan needs, health outcomes and health status.
APD currently relies heavily on manual processes, along with legacy systems to collect and track data consistently and accurately. As a result, there is very limited capability to collect, track, report, and analyze critical data for detection and prevention of fraud, waste and abuse and for needed oversight of the service system.
APD has initiatives and projects underway to increase program accountability, to provide an automated interface with FMMIS, to ensure federal funding is maintained for services, and most importantly, to assure customer health and safety needs are met.

The Senior Project Manager / Program Manager (Senior PM) will provide direction and leadership to project team members for the Client Data Management System (CDMS) and other projects as assigned by the Agency. The CDMS project is a highly cross‐matrixed and medium to high complexity project. The Senior PM will need to work across multiple IT groups and with multiple business teams to accomplish project objectives and help deliver the project on time and within budget.


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