NetSuite Developer/Architect with SuiteCommerce, Backbone.js, jQuery, Bootstrap, SCA and MS Project experience

Job ID: TX-304130655 (914390724)

NetSuite Developer/Architect with SuiteCommerce, Backbone.js, jQuery, Bootstrap, SCA and MS Project experience

Location: Austin TX (CPA)
Duration: 48 months
Positions: 2 (2/2)

Minimum Requirements:
Years Skills/Experience
7 Experience with web application development and maintenance
5 Experience with NetSuite platform
5 Experience with SuiteCommerce Advanced, both native ecommerce functionality such as item search, add to cart, and checkout, as well as customization of these features and creating custom pages that perform CRUD operations on NetSuite custom records.
5 Experience with JavaScript
5 Experience with highly complex application security requirements
3 Experience with Backbone.js
3 Experience with jQuery
3 Experience completing system documentation
2 Experience with Bootstrap

Years Skills/Experience
5 Experience working with enterprise software solutions
3 Experience with knowledge transfer to junior level NetSuite developers
2 Public sector experience (Federal, State or Local Government)
1 Experience with upgrading SCA versions
2 Proficient with the Microsoft Office products, including Microsoft Project, Word, Visio, Excel and PowerPoint

The Worker will perform highly advanced design and development work as part of a project team with direction and guidance from Project Manager, Applications Services Management, and CPA NetSuite Development team. The Worker must have strong hands-on technical experience with SuiteCommerceAdvanced development and proven success architecting, developing and implementing NetSuite technical solutions for a large organization. The primary goal of the worker will be to drive, assist, and implement the upgrade from a pre-Denali SuiteCommerce architecture to a Post-Denali (likely Kilimanjaro) SuiteCommerce architecture while ensuring that no functionality is lost.

CPA will require the Worker to work on the following initiatives and will perform advanced analysis/programming tasks such as:
• Understanding CPA’s current eProcurement ecosystem’s architecture and functionality.
• Providing ongoing support for enhancements to existing applications to prepare for SCA upgrade.
• Upgrading all SPD applications that were built on the SuiteCommerce Advanced framework to the Kilimanjaro version of SCA.
• Performing the upgrade from pre-Denali to the Kilimanjaro version of SCA for all eCommerce components of the website, as well as any customizations on these.
• Making adjustments to any backend SuiteScripts as necessary.
• Providing guidance and knowledge sharing to existing development staff.


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