.Net/SharePoint Web Developer with ASP, C#, SQL Server/Oracle DBA, VB, Ajax, CSS/HTML, JavaScript, REST and Security experience

Job ID: UT-52758 (99990410)

.Net/SharePoint Web Developer with ASP, C#, SQL Server/Oracle DBA, VB, Ajax, CSS/HTML, JavaScript, REST and Security experience

Location: 250 East 500 South Salt Lake City UT (BOE)
Duration: 9 months
Positions: 1 (1/n)

USBE is looking for a strong development candidate to create a publicly accessible bilingual (Spanish and English) School Grade Reporting website/tool. Candidate must possess strong understanding of advanced statistical and mathematical principles, experience developing and maintaining data systems using .NET framework, ASP, C# and SQL Server to include the ability to incorporate/integrate data visualization capabilities into web design.

Contractor Responsibilities
• Prepares a wide variety of design, programming, and documentation tasks necessary for the development, implementation, and sustainment of IT applications
• Develops software solutions by studying requirements analysis and information needs; conferring with stakeholders and IT management; studying systems flow, data usage, and work processes; performs software design using software development fundamentals and processes, debug, test, and deploy software solutions
• Uses various programming languages to include but not limited to SharePoint Designer Workflows, CSOM, REST API, PHP, Active Server Page (ASP), Visual Studio, Visual Basic, HTML, JavaScript, JAVA, JAVA Applets, visual basic script, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), Ajax, XML, and other related web languages and tools for the development and deployment of web and mobile applications
• Develops logic and implement secure coding solutions to prevent/mitigate coding vulnerabilities such a SQL-Injection and cross-site scripting
• Creates normalized database tables and SQL queries in MS SQL Server, Oracle and other RDMS and database tools
• Performs basic database administration tasks, performance optimization, index optimization, and writes advanced select queries
• Plans and coordinates the development of data structures, identifies specific data elements to be used in the system, designs, develops or modifies relational databases
• Follows prescribed data standards, policies and procedures, information security/information assurance policies, principles, and practices
• Prepares project plans, functional requirements, charters, time-lines, coordinate meetings, budgets, statements of work, SOPs, status reports, cost benefit analysis and resource utilization estimates
• Assist in the development and completion of Problem Statements and Business Case Analysis
• Oversees the coordination of the installation, testing, operating, troubleshooting, and maintenance of systems
• Works with customers to identify report requirements to translate data elements from the database to workable reports for the end-users and upper management
• Evaluates and provides guidance to project team members on the process employed in the analysis, design, documentation, and testing and/or evaluation of systems or segments of systems
• Performs bilingual web design and development

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