M-Files Developer with agile, ECMS, bulk migration scripting and TEA PSF division experience

Job ID: TX-70120034 (97690923)

M-Files Developer with agile, ECMS, bulk migration scripting and TEA PSF division experience

Location: Austin TX (TEA)
Duration: 12 months (960 hrs/year)

Minimum Requirements:
Years Skills/Experience
3 Experience with software development life cycle and systems development life cycle concepts, including Agile methodology.
3 Experience and skill in analyzing and evaluating complex information technology programs, policies, and issues; and in developing workable solutions to complex problems and issues.
3 Experience with interviewing individuals and understanding their needs to elicit essential requirements information.
3 Skill in analyzing and critically evaluating information gathered from multiple sources, reconciling conflicting information, decomposing high-level information into details and abstracting up from low-level information to a more general understanding
0.5 Must have at least six months experience with implementation of M-Files. Experience should be current within the last 18 months.
0.5 Experience with implementation of Enterprise Content Management Systems

Years Skills/Experience
0.5 Knowledge of the specific document management requirements of the various functional areas within the TEA PSF division.

The Permanent School Fund Enterprise Content Management System (M-files) provides a centralized repository that is used to store the division documents. This position will work with the PSF staff and provide business analyst during M-files Data Migration:
• Plans, designs, creates and tests computer programs, applying knowledge of programming techniques for the M-Files systems
• Communicates information clearly and effectively to users, management and technical staff, both verbally and in writing, including writing management reports, providing training and making public presentations.
• Evaluates user requests for new or modified configuration changes required for the M-files data migration. Consults with users to identify current folder structures, operating procedures and to clarify data migration objectives. Formulates plan outlining steps required to design, customize, develop and implement the solution.
• Works under the direction of M-Files project lead to:
• Implement bulk migration scripting
• Implement changes to an existing M-Files system


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