Local Swift/IOS Mobile Architect with Objective-C, HTML5, Auto Layout, Storyboard, Blocks, GCD, Java and MDM experience

Job ID: PA-639604 (9105911)

Local Swift/IOS Mobile Architect with Objective-C, HTML5, Auto Layout, Storyboard, Blocks, GCD, Java and MDM experience

Location: Harrisburg PA (DEP)
Duration: 7 months 37.5 hrs/week
Positions: 1 (1/3)

Required 6 years: Full SDLC experience as an application developer
Required 6 years: Experience with Object Oriented development
Required 5 Years: Experience with iOS SDK and Objective-C
Required 5 years: Familiarity with Swift programming language and latest IOS APIs and frameworks
Required 5 years: Experience with Core Data framework
Required 5 years: Experience with deploying iOS apps
Required 5 Years: Experience with relational database design and development
Required 5 years: Experience with HTML5 development and JavaScript frameworks
Required 4 years: Experience with IOS Auto Layout, Storyboard, Blocks, and GCD
Required 2 years: Experience in architecting & solutioning mobile apps that consumes web services
Required 2 years: Experience with Java centric server-side development and solutioning
Required 1 year: Experience in team leadership position
Required 1 year: Experience with deploying enterprise iOS apps via MDM
Required: Strong oral and written communication skills

: The Mobile Specialist serves in many capacities, including Developer, Engineer, Technical Architect, and Analyst for Mobile Development, Security, and/or Infrastructure Projects. The Mobile Specialist participates in project planning, including resource estimation, and in the creation and review of technical deliverables. The Mobile Specialist works in conjunction with other technical team members in all phases of the Agile Scrum SDLC.

This position will participate as a key technical position for the DEP mobile inspection applications, specifically the Oil & Gas Surface and Sub-surface application re-writes.

The mobile inspection applications are being built on an iOS platform. The resulting data is received into DEP’s enterprise system via services. The backend database is Oracle 12C. This position will be responsible for serving as an architect of n-tier applications using iOS as the access technology for an enterprise backend system. They will serve as the designer, developer and/or engineer on multiple mobile inspection applications. They will work with the end user stakeholders at times, various Business Analysts (BAs) and Project Managers (PMs), and other technical staff in defining and managing the business and technical requirements. The candidate will be responsible for developing and/or engineering a user interface, a service tier, data tier components, and/or infrastructure or security for the mobile projects by working with the team leads.

Attention to reusable components and repeatable processes is required for developing the iOS solutions utilizing, but not limited to, Objective C, Swift, HTML5, JSON, XML, and consumption of RESTful web services. The candidate will develop web service-oriented backend solutions, utilizing Java, Spring frameworks, MyBatis, consuming of SOAP web services, producing RESTful web services, and the Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) middleware. Additionally, assisting in developing and designing Oracle database objects can be helpful throughout the project.

Additionally, a solid understanding and experience in Apple’s technologies, including but not limited to the distribution of certificates, provisioning profiles, code signing, keychains, push notifications, app transport requirements, and iOS version histories. Should have strong knowledge of iOS frameworks related to UI, Core Data, storyboards, web services, security/keychain, camera integration, asynchronous/background processing, multitasking, etc. Also, a strong understanding of MVC, delegation, target-action and Cocoa layers related to Touch, Media, OS and Services and Objective/C and iOS principles of memory management, notifications, blocks, categories, etc. is strongly helpful.

The ideal candidate will assist in project planning, including the development of timelines. They must understand Agile Scrum methodology and participate in daily standups. The selected candidate is expected to assist in the development and review of technical deliverables on the projects.

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