Java Developer with EJB, T-SQL, SQL Server, XML, XSLT, SOAP web services, NIEM, agile and law enforcement/criminal justice experience

Job ID: MNSITE-1519 (99990605)

Java Developer with EJB, T-SQL, SQL Server, XML, XSLT, SOAP web services, NIEM, agile and law enforcement/criminal justice experience

Location: St Paul, MN (DPS)
Duration: 24 months
Positions: 1 (1/1)
Interview: In-person or phone

Minimum Qualifications
• Seven (7) years of experience developing in Java
• Three (3) years of experience developing with EJB
• Five (5) years of experience writing T-SQL for MS SQL Server
• Three (3) years of experience using XML schemas

Desired Skills
• Experience writing unit tests with the use of mocking libraries
• Experience using XSLT
• Experience using SOAP web services
• Experience working National Information Exchange Model (NIEM) compliant schemas
• Development experience within an Agile development team
• Experience working with law enforcement or criminal justice systems
• Ability to debug/troubleshoot systems that span multiple applications

Sample Tasks
• Work with planning managers, architects, business analysts, quality assurance analysts and agencies to define and transform business requirements into technical design and programming specifications conforming to the system architecture.
• Implement enterprise solutions following established BCA patterns in application development and data security.
• Build, deploy and test software applications and modules using automated test and deployment technologies and tools.
• Provide direction in identifying appropriate technical solutions (application and system level) that meets business objectives, which include defining technical alternatives to derive the most cost-effective solutions to meet client requirements.
• Review test cases and test plans in conjunction with quality assurance staff.
• Execute unit and integration testing procedures.
• Provide knowledge transfer.

Description of Project
The BCA Crime Reporting System (CRS) facilitates the access to and exchange of information between sources and users of criminal justice data. MNJIS also provides technology, training and services for Minnesota criminal justice agencies. The BCA is the designated CJIS Systems Agency responsible for the collection and sharing of criminal justice data. Law enforcement agencies report all crimes reported or discovered to the BCA. BCA collects, maintains and forwards crime information to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The Gun Permit systems require Sheriff’s Offices and Police Departments to conduct background checks for applicants for Permits to Purchase/Transfer firearms and requires Sheriff Offices to conduct a background check on Permit to Carry applicants. The BCA’s firearms permit systems address Sheriffs’ Office and Police Department needs related to their duties as Permit to Purchase/Transfer and Permit to Carry administrators.

The BCA is seeking professional developer services to support multiple technical initiatives including the Crime Reporting Systems and Gun Permit systems and future MNJIS technical initiatives, as needed.The BCA also provides enhancements and maintenance on these systems and is seeking an additional contract developer to join an existing team of full technology stack developers.

All work will be conducted onsite at: 1430 Maryland Avenue, St. Paul, MN 55106



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