Hyland OnBase Architect (CDIA+/ECMp/OCWA/OCAPI/OCSE/OCWV) with CMS, E-forms, DocPop, Application Enabler, Disconnected Scanning and web services experience

Job ID: TX-304130719 (914390808)

Hyland OnBase Architect (CDIA+/ECMp/OCWA/OCAPI/OCSE/OCWV) with CMS, E-forms, DocPop, Application Enabler, Disconnected Scanning and web services experience

Location: Austin TX (CPA)
Duration: 12 months

Minimum Requirements:
Years Skills/Experience
8 Experience managing mid to large scale enterprise projects.
5 Experience designing, developing, and deploying Content Management Systems.
5 Extensive experience working with complex forms validation requirements.
5 Experience designing, building and deploying OnBase E-forms.
5 Experience implementing enterprise software solutions.
4 Experience with highly complex application security requirements
3 Experience configuring OnBase DocPop, Application Enabler, Disconnected Scanning
3 Experience developing, configuring, and deploying web services within Microsoft Server
1 Experience in most recent version of Hyland OnBase (ver.18)

Years Skills/Experience
Yes/No One or more certifications: Certified Document Imaging Architect (CDIA+), ECM Practitioner (ECMp), OnBase Certified Workflow Administrator (OCWA), OnBase Certified Application Programming Interface (OCAPI), OnBase Certified Support Engineer (OCSE) , and The OnBase WorkView Certification (OCWV)
3 Proficient with the Microsoft Office products, including Outlook, Link, Word, Visio, Excel and PowerPoint.

As a senior Hyland OnBase Administrator, the Worker will be responsible for analyzing, preparing, developing, and migrating CPA paper and electronic forms into a Hyland OnBase solution. The Worker must have extensive knowledge and comfort performing the following:

• Configuring document workflow in OnBase v 18
• Integrating data transfer across tools using Infiniworx (from scanner) and ExchangeIT (between Hyland products)
• Developing OnBase eForms for specific business applications
• Developing OnBase workflows to support complex business requirements
The Worker must be fully proficient in the Hyland OnBase technology stack with a thorough understanding of secure development practices (including authentication, authorization, confidentiality, data-integrity, non-repudiation, and availability). The Worker must be able to follow an Agile software development processes, a detailed project plan and generate work estimates. The Worker must be able to take assignments and direction from agency management and technical lead staff.

Onsite Requirements: Worker will be required to work on site with the team. Working remotely will be very limited and must be pre-approved by the Direct Supervisor.

In addition to the above and the specific experience detailed below, worker:
• Must have strong written, verbal, and interpersonal communication skills
• Must be able to work independently
• Must be able to work in a diverse team environment
• Knowledge of project management and software development methodologies
• Must possess problem-solving skills and ability to multi-task
• Must be able to work around projects and deadlines with readiness to put in extra efforts when necessary
• Perform related work as assigned


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