Govt System/Data Architect with security, data cleansing/migration/conversion (legacy to SaaS) and release management experience

Job ID: NY-SA (99090918)

Govt System/Data Architect with security, data cleansing/migration/conversion (legacy to SaaS) and release management experience

Location: Brooklyn NY / Albany NY (NYSHCR)
Duration: 10 months (37.5 hours/wk)
Positions: 1 (1/3)
Originally the position was posted in NYC and Albany, depending on what worked best for the candidate, and at this time it will most likely be remote work, until we return to the offices.

1. Candidate can provide guidance to large teams and/or has extensive industry experience and is considered at the top of his/her field.
2. 84 months (7 years) experience in providing technical leadership for development and implementation of complex IT applications `including evaluating and recommending tools, technologies and processes to ensure the highest quality outcomes.
3. 84 months (7 years) experience developing technical plans, procedures, standards and internal controls for IT application implementation including reviewing security test outcomes and ensuring fixes for security vulnerabilities in partnership with technical teams.
4. 84 months (7 years) experience in leading data and system migration from an on-premise data center to a SaaS application including experience managing the technical quality of data cleansing, migration and conversion of legacy data into SaaS solution.
5. 84 months (7 years) experience collaborating with various business stakeholders, project managers, business analysts, software developers, data managers, peer organizations, quality assurance and technology leaders to translate program requirements into technical solutions and system designs in government experience with Federal and State implementations including experience reviewing system design and hosting architecture from performance and business continuity perspectives.
6. 84 months (7 years) experience as Technical Lead responsible of delivering timely and quality deliverables for projects requiring extensive business analysis and resulting in significant business process and organizational change.
7. 84+ months (7+ years) experience in monitoring and promoting software development standards including code management, testing protocols, release management procedures.
8. Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, or equivalent, from an accredited institution.

Position Summary:
The candidate for System Architect will provide technical strategic input and guidance for the Section 8 system modernization project activities including application implementation, security, quality assurance, integration, configuration, operational support as well as to promote the use of standard software development and project management processes.

The role will define the architecture of a computerized system (i.e., a system composed of software and hardware) in order to fulfill certain requirement, including a breakdown of the system into components, the component interactions and interfaces (including with the environment, especially the user), and the technologies and resources to be used in the design.

Essential Duties / Responsibilities:
Daily activities will include but not be limited to:
• Guide project teams to ensure quality of the technical deliverables.
• Maintain project documentation, monitor compliance, help coordinate task completion by project team members.
• Identify risks, issues and help develop mitigation strategies. Provide support and guidance for resulting business process changes, training, and transition
• Develop and monitor technical plans, procedures, standards and internal controls for successful project execution.
• Coordinate work and adjust, as necessary, for quality content and timely delivery of project deliverables.
Additional Requirements:
• All Contractors will sign NDA (non-disclosure agreement) and schedule fingerprinting upon initiation of the engagement.
• Candidate will attend all New York State and Agency mandated training programs, including information security and Section 110-a compliance, workplace tolerance, and harassment prevention course.
• Candidate must communicate to a team of technologists during this engagement.
• The System Architect will be responsible for holding weekly status meetings, where review of the project plan, communications plan, issues and risks will continue to keep everyone informed of the project.
• Towards the end of the engagement, a transition meeting will be required to review any open items for the project. A list of open tasks must be submitted and reviewed prior to the final transition meeting.
• Ability to travel between Downtown New York City and Albany Area – possibly monthly.

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