E-911 PM with Project Quality Assurance, vendor management, RFP and risk/change management experience

Job ID: WA-1279-18-ALP (99991031)FP

E-911 PM with Project Quality Assurance, vendor management, RFP and risk/change management experience

Location: 401 5th Ave/500 4th Ave Seattle/20811 84th Ave S, Kent, WA (King County)
Duration: 42 months
1279-18-ALP resume page limit is 1 page.

The King County E-911 Program Office (E-911), part of the Department of King County Information Technology (KCIT), has a multi-phase project underway to modernize the E-911 call processing systems. The project will transition 13 standalone systems that are in place today to a single architectural platform in which the backroom server components are located in geographically diverse host locations; the call answering workstations will be networked to the Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs).

In Phase 1 of the project, E-911 will be creating, advertising and selecting a 9-1-1 consulting firm for the purpose of requirement gathering, requirements documenting and assisting KCIT’s Contracts team with drafting a Request For Proposal (RFP) for the new E-911 single platform solution. The expected timeline for Phase 1 of the project is Q4/2018 – Q3/2020. Phase 2 of the project will encompass the actual design, implementation, training and cutover of the new solution. Phase 2 of the project is currently estimated for Q4/2020 – Q1/2022.

E-911 is seeking a Quality Assurance (QA) Consultant which shall provide QA services for this overall project, which is referred to as the Platform Modernization Project. King County prefers a consultant familiar with 9-1-1 systems and technologies.

Scope of Work
Health Assessment Reports
The QA Consultant services shall include an assessment of the overall project health and project management factors that are important to project success. The health assessment includes evaluations of project scope, schedule, budget, resources, milestones, risks and other applicable reviews per the QA consultant’s methodology. As part of this effort, the Consultant shall provide an initial baseline quality assessment report and additional reports as outlined in the payment schedule and/or at a frequency determined by the King County Project Review Board (PRB) based on the status and risks of the project. The role of the Project Review Board is to provide oversight and advice on the County’s Information Technology projects. The County’s Chief Information Officer (CIO) chairs the PRB.

The QA Consultant shall report to PRB. The audience for this report is the Project Review Board, Project Sponsor, Steering Committee and other stakeholders as determined by the Sponsor and the PRB. The Project Steering Committee includes representatives from E-911 and King County Information Technology. The QA Consultant shall focus primarily on the Platform Modernization project management team effectiveness (80 – 85%) in moving the project forward as planned as related to scope, schedule, budget and risk management. The QA Consultant shall also perform a quantitative review of System Vendor performance (15 – 20%) as it relates to meeting deliverable timelines and acceptance criteria.

These project health assessment reports shall be based upon how well the project management team performed in reference to the following areas and topics:
i. Project Management team performance/competency, including:
• Planning and Control
• Scope Management/Technical requirements
• Schedule Management
• Cost management and budget projections
• Quality management
• Risk and issue management
• Vendor management
• Business requirements traceability
• Vendor deployment approach
• Change management/Organizational change
• Knowledge transfer
• Data readiness/strategy
• Staff management
• Project team dynamics
• Communications
• Status reporting
ii. Quality of the project delivery plan, including and not limited to Work Breakdown Structure and/or Microsoft Project Plan, to evaluate if the delivery plan is realistic, comprehensive and executable to ensure project success.
iii. Review of the project’s management of System Vendor’s and their deliverables including the following:
• Qualitative review of contract scope of work, acceptance criteria and deliverables
iv. The Platform Modernization project management of System Vendors’ performance per contractual obligations, such as:
• Completion of deliverables per contract scope
• Completion of deliverables per contract schedule/timelines
• Completion of deliverables per contract price
• Completion of deliverables per acceptance criteria
• Platform Modernization project acceptance of System Vendor deliverables. If necessary, meet with vendor project manager related to their obligations of meeting the deliverables.
v. Stakeholder/customer involvement and effectiveness
vi. Project organization and governance

Task 0.1 Qualitative Review of System Vendor’s Scope of Work, Requirements and Acceptance Criteria and Deliverables
Task 0.2 Conduct Project Kickoff Meeting
Task 0.3 Develop a QA Work Plan
Task 0.4 Meet with the CIO
Task 0.5 Conduct a Baseline Review
Task 0.6 Create Templates
Task 1.1 Deliver a Baseline Assessment
Task 1.2 Keep a Log of QA Recommendations
Task 1.3 Findings and Recommendations for Corrective Action
Task 1.4 Project Health Monitoring and Quarterly QA Reports
Task 1.5 Bi-Weekly QA Status Reports
Task 1.6 Conduct Post-Implementation Review and Issue Post Implementation QA Report
Task 1.7 Optional Ad Hoc Professional Services
Task 1.8 Optional Ad Hoc Professional Services

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