Android Developer with Java, Windows mobile to Android migration, UI design, C#.Net and government experience

Job ID: WR-2018-0606-SV (99990615)

Android Developer with Java, Windows mobile to Android migration, UI design, C#.Net and government experience

Location: Seattle WA (WSDOT)
Duration: 5 months
Positions: 1 (1/1)

Mandatory Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
A Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology/Computer Science,
or minimum 4 years’ experience in Information Technology.
Minimum 5 years’ experience working in mobile applications using Java and Android.
Minimum 3 years’ experience working with Android Studio or similar products to create android based mobile applications

Desirable Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
Experience migrating Windows mobile applications to Android.
Experience working on a team developing and maintaining mobile applications.
Experience with user interface design.
Experience working in an handheld application that is used by ticket sellers to redeem tickets in a transit or similar industries.
Experience working in mobile applications using C#.NET and Windows.
Experience working in a large Public Government Agency (larger than 5,000 personnel).

Work Requirements
Suitable candidates must have a proven record of accomplishment working in Android Studio, Java, XML, JSON, C#.NET and SQL. Candidates must have a wide breadth of mobile technologies experience including SDKs, UI, API, Object-Oriented Design, memory management, file I/O, multithread, secure resources deploying applications, and especially experience in migrating from Windows to Android platform

WSDOT Ferries Information Technology Division (ITD) requires one (1) senior application developer to assist WSDOT Development Team to analyze, design, code, test, deploy, and document the agency’s vehicle reservation mobile redemption application. There is a current mobile application running in Windows mobile CE platform, which needs to be migrated to Android platform.

Scope of Work

Migrate an existing Windows CE application to Android platform and enhance it so that it can run on an Android handheld TC70X (or variant) device. The application should continue to perform the following operations in the Android platform within its host Android application module:

– Scanning printed or electronic (mobile screen) reservation barcode (17-digit number prefixed with letter ‘R’ in shown as Code 128 barcode image).
– Searching locally downloaded reservation manifest by:
o Last/Company Name
o Confirmation #
– Ability to mark a reservation as Stand By.
– Ability to redeem offline and periodically synchronize to central Save a Spot SQL database on successful network connectivity.
– Ability to notify customer via e-mail on successful redemption.
– Average processing time in real world conditions (including lookups) less than 5 seconds with optimized battery usage and network indicators.
– The Contractor will be responsible for providing a completed time sheet of his/her time spent on
assignment on or before the 1st and 15th of each month. Contractor will turn over all work
products to the WSDOT/WSF IT Application’s Manager and all work products become the property of WSDOT.

– Contractor will create documentation as required by the Manager for Technical Design, User Manual (End User training), Maintenance Manual, and other technical documentation as required by the management. In addition, the Contractor should work with the existing staff on knowledge transfer sessions and user training sessions for the performed work for product maintenance and product usage.

WR-2018-0606-SV docs.docx

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