Agile/OCM PM with scrum and lean experience

Job ID: MNSITE-1900 (90090126)3P

Agile/OCM PM with scrum and lean experience

Location: St Paul MN (MNIT)
Duration: 16 months
Visa: any
Attachments: RTR

Minimum Qualifications
-Addressing the cultural environment and leadership engagement needed for large scale Agile adoption.
-Getting the transformation toward Agile started, driving it, and sustaining it, including identification of key roles to coordinate the transformation.
-Engaging and aligning business and technology.
-Defining and designing Agile products.
-Aligning organizational size and structure, new team roles, and labor allocation to support Agile at scale within the state’s unique labor environment.
-Determining delivery approach (SCRUM vs. Lean vs. some other method) that would best work at an agency
-Defining transformation success and measuring adoption progress
-Achieving a funding model that can support a product-centric operating model based on Agile principles.
-Designing an architectural structure and maturation strategy that supports Agile development across diverse tools, software, and infrastructure unique to each partnership.
-Discussion of ways to phase and/or pilot the transformation and how to scale it.
-Measuring success and continuous improvement of the operating model.
-A glossary of Agile terms and concepts.
-A required and recommended reading list for stakeholders and key roles in the transformation.
-Document an organizational change management model and approach for Agile transformation at agencies.

The Office of MNIT Services (MNIT) has been engaged in planning efforts aimed at maturing the agencies processes, to ensure business need are met now and in the future. MNIT is seeking a vendor to provide resources to assist in these efforts. This engagement may stretch through a series of phases outlined in the bullets below.

Partnering with MNIT and our pilot agency, Department of Human Services/MNsure to provide expertise and support in transforming the IT operating model from project to product, driving adoption of Agile and DevOps frameworks. This modernization will be transformational in nature, impacting thousands of state employees in both MNIT and our partner agencies (the business), involving changes for every aspect of the organization.
Identifying/creating a repeatable framework for MNIT to use in adopting Agile with our partner agencies to ensure when MNIT takes on information technology projects we reach a product using a consistent set of repeatable methodologies. The framework should include, at a minimum: guidance, examples, templates, roadmaps, agendas, key performance indicators (KPIs) presentations and other materials.
Partnering with MNIT champions to drive adoption through education and support of leaders as they begin using these methodologies.
Work is expected to be performed remotely, due to the pandemic, and may require some on-site time at various state office locations as the situation permits.


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