Job ID: NC-698466 (911990104)

Remote z/OS Systems Programmer with CICS TS/debug, IMS/RACF, and storage management experience

Location: Raleigh NC (NCDIT)
Duration: 12 months
Positions: 1 (1/2)

Skill Required / Desired Amount of Experience
z/OS Systems experience Required 3 Years
CICS TS installation Required 3 Years
z/OS Operating System experience with subsystem (CICS/IMS/RACF, etc.), 3rd party program products, storage management. Required 3 Years
CICS debug and analysis Required 3 Years

The Operations and Systems Software Programmer reports to a Manager within Mainframe Hosting of the Service Delivery Division of DIT. The Service Delivery Division provides the delivery and management of IT solutions based on customer requirements within a 24×7×365 operational environment.

The solutions provided by Mainframe Hosting include: Distributed and Mainframe Systems, Middleware, Network Security, Storage and Data Protection as well as Data Center Operations.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Recommended in this Position
This section describes those criteria required to be successful in this position depending on the technology to be supported:
z/OS: Operating System experience with subsystem (CICS/IMS/RACF, etc.), 3rd party program products, storage management.
Knowledge of distributed systems, Middleware Technologies and basic networking is desired

Education and Experience Recommended:
1. Required Minimum Training: A four year degree and four years progressive programming including two years of systems programming or an equivalent combination of training and experience.
2. Additional Training/Experience: Senior CICS Systems Programmer with at least three years’ experience z/OS program products which may include RACF, CICS, IMS, MQ, WebSphere including two years in z/OS Systems administration.
3. Equivalent Training and Experience: Four years of core z/OS operating system administration experience plus two years of general systems programming and demonstrated third party program product installation and administration.

Description of Work:

Installing Software
Install software using standard State naming conventions and standards. Each vendor product is unique to install, customize, maintain, and support. Transfer software from vendor supplied media to DIT systems and verify installation according to vendor guidelines and recommendations. Coordinate with multiple vendors and DIT/Customer systems programming and application staff concerning required patches, fix packs and maintenance upgrades as needed to reduce and mitigate possible software outages.

Customizing Software
Work closely with other DIT teams to set security rules using z/OS Resource Access Control Facility (RACF) and product specific security features. Also coordinate the implementation of other systems interfaces for access to Transaction Services.
Schedule and test, during off peak times, software upgrades and patches to reduce the impact on production work. Coordinate this testing with DIT clients and other DIT staff to reduce impact to other system software and operating system changes.
Document new systems in User’s Guide and make copies available to DIT Service Delivery Division and compose technical information bulletins detailing the impact on clients and outlining any changes they may have to make.

Monitoring and Tuning Systems Software
Use specialized software to monitor systems performance. Make the necessary adjustments as needed to provide maximum performance of system software. Make recommendations to clients on application changes as needed to provide better code reuse, performance gains and data throughput. If there is an application problem, work with the appropriate client to resolve the issue in a timely manner, which may involve other Service Delivery personnel.

Solving Problems
Analyze problems reported by clients and internal staff; work with vendor to determine solutions and establish corrective action plan; assist clients and internal staff with related questions.

Attend professional seminars and classes.



Remote z/OS Systems Programmer with CICS TS/debug, IMS/RACF, and storage management experience

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