Job ID: TN-59906 (98090202)

Hybrid Epidemiologist with literacy Experience

Location: Nashville, TN DOH
Duration: 12 months

Analytical Skills Proficient (4-6 Years) No
Computer literacy Proficient (4-6 Years) No
Cooperation Proficient (4-6 Years) No
Critical Thinking Proficient (4-6 Years) No
Oral communication Proficient (4-6 Years) No

This position is located in the in the Advanced Analytics and Visualization team within the Office of Informatics & Analytics (OIA) at the Tennessee Department of Health. OIA houses the Department of Health’s Integrated Data System (IDS), which supports integration of various internal and external disparate data sources as well as serves to enhance data and its availability for advanced analytics and visualization for TDH and its programs. This position will support a range of data analytic activities using the IDS as well as translation and dissemination of education and key messages, with a majority of the work for this position focused on maternal and child health. This position will work closely with members of the Core Informatics and Data Governance teams within OIA, as well as staff in Family Health and Wellness (FHW), and be responsible for supporting FHW with regards to utilization of the TDH IDS and related informatics, analytic, and governance priorities.
The primary responsibilities of this Epidemiologist position will be:
·To advance OIA’s efforts to apply its integrated data system and enhance maternal and child health surveillance activities, with an emphasis on rapid turnaround of data analytics.

Duties may include:
· Responding to requests for maternal and child health-related data, analyses, and visualizations and providing technical assistance to support these requests.
· Conducting timely analyses to track Tennessee’s key maternal, child, and adolescent health other key metrics.
· Developing innovative approaches that can be used across content areas to capture the impact of health conditions (e.g. drug overdose) on the maternal and adolescent population and that capture the evolution of health indices at the population level.
· Serving as point of contact to FHW staff, including presenting and interpreting data, answering questions regarding analyses and visualizations, and connecting with a diversity of stakeholders regarding data and analyses.
· Respond to requests from department leadership for quick turnaround analyses and visualization for use in program and policy decision making.
· Development of dashboards and other tools that integrate data from across the department to enable end users to easily access and interpret analytic findings.
· Documentation of activities to ensure reproducibility and transparency of process.
· Publication of methods and findings.
The preferred candidate will have an MPH or PhD with significant experience in public health or in the analysis of health data as well as an interest in maternal and child health issues. Facility with analytic software such as R or SAS is essential. Experience in a database environment, including using SQL is preferred. A willingness to learn new methods and software and to share this knowledge with colleagues is required. Organizational skills and timeliness are important for this position. The successful candidate will demonstrate the ability to communicate and collaborate with colleagues when responding to analytical and data visualization requests and to maintain agility in the face of changing needs.

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Hybrid Epidemiologist with literacy Experience

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