(Cancelled) Salesforce Developer with COTS, Application Development, Support and Salesforce platform experience

CO-HCPF-MCC (99090120)

(Cancelled) Salesforce Developer with COTS, Application Development, Support and Salesforce platform experience

Location: Denver, CO
Duration: 4 months

This position will work and develop using the Salesforce platform under guidance of the Salesforce Senior Administrator.

We are searching for a Self-motivated individual with excellent communications skills; who posses the ability to rapidly grasp technical skills; who is motivated to put in self-study hours to gain the technical knowledge to succeed as a performing member of the Salesforce Team.

Primary job responsibility: Application Development and Support

Develop applications in line with business requirements using Agile or Waterfall methodologies as needed.
Perform coding (in-house applications) or configuration management (COTS applications) in accordance with standards and best practices and further minimize defects through disciplined unit testing.
Coordinate update releases and other system changes, contribute to the implementation of break/fix solutions, and update documentation and configuration information related to changes as needed throughout the life cycle.
Organize, build, and validate all segments of the code related to a specific build (release) for final User Acceptance Testing.
Ensure development activities within the position’s scope of responsibility are consistent with established service portfolio policies, procedures, standards and guidelines.
Determine the best approach in the development of an application’s code to meet the customer’s current requirements and anticipate future enhancement needs.
Identify and recommend changes to development policies, processes, templates and standard operating procedures to improve the overall quality of work being delivered.
Collaborate across a matrix management environment with other developers and other OIT department staff as needed. Must understand lines of authority and follow protocol to engage other resources.
Find unique ways to resolve issues in the development process to meet the requirements of the customers and lead to the most efficient implementation possible.


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