Job ID: TN-62852 (94590614)

Remote/Local Public Health Educator/Teacher with Deaf Education/K-12, HIPAA, ASL, PSE, FM/DM, HAT and AAC experience

Location: Nashville, TN (DOH)
Duration: 12 Months
Position: 2

Ability to Work Independently Proficient (4-6 Years) No
Active Listening Proficient (4-6 Years) No
Analytical Skills Proficient (4-6 Years) No
Collaboration Proficient (4-6 Years) No
Computer literacy Proficient (4-6 Years) No
Coordination Proficient (4-6 Years) No
Critical Thinking Proficient (4-6 Years) No
Interdisciplinary communication Proficient (4-6 Years) No
Interpersonal Skills Proficient (4-6 Years) No
Knowledge of HIPAA Proficient (4-6 Years) No
Oral communication Proficient (4-6 Years) No
Organizational Skills Proficient (4-6 Years) No
Professionalism Proficient (4-6 Years) No
Telephone skills Proficient (4-6 Years) No

Candidate must have or be eligible to obtain a current Teacher Certificate issued by the Tennessee Department of Education with a current or pending endorsement in Deaf Education: Hearing Impaired, Teacher for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (or similar Pre-K through 12).
Must be able to work in a hybrid work environment, both at an alternative work site and attend meetings, as requested.
Must demonstrate knowledge of and should be proficient in one or more sign systems: American Sign Language (ASL), Signed English, Pidgin Signed English (PSE).
Have an understanding of all communication methods used by children who are deaf or hard of hearing age 0 – 3.
Have training and experience working with Hearing Assistive Technology (HAT) such as hearing aids, bone conduction devices, cochlear implants, personal FM/DM systems, Roger systems and other classroom sound systems, AAC devices, and other adaptive technology.
Knowledge to connect various devices to the students’ device.
Competent in interpreting and explaining audiograms and related medical reports to students, parents, and teachers for meetings and educational purposes.
Knowledge of hearing aid (s), cochlear implant (s), bone anchored devices, and assistive device companies and how to order equipment and/or needed items.

Job Responsibilities
Be able to work cooperatively and effectively with parents, early intervention staff, and the public who have a vested interest in working with children with hearing loss.
Consult and assist the Newborn Hearing Follow Up program director with development of training and education to a variety of stakeholders including early intervention staff, pediatric audiologists, nurse case managers, providers, and early education teachers in language outcome achievements through the implementation of accommodations and modifications for students to have full access to the curriculum.
Provide technical assistance to parents, school staff, speech language pathologists, school psychologists, specialists, and interpreters to provide appropriate support services to meet deaf or hard of hearing (DHH) children’s individual needs across all learning settings.
Develop and provide trainings with early intervention agencies, providers, and family support services regarding individualized services that are needed for children diagnosed with hearing loss.
Computer skills, including but not limited to, Microsoft Office programs.
Advanced experience with using Microsoft Word for creating and editing text documents.
Collaborate with Tennessee Newborn Hearing Follow Up program, other schools, and state departments to gain insight, knowledge, and ideas for supporting language acquisition of children who are diagnosed with hearing loss.
Collect, develop, and/or share materials, activities, and resources to support DHH children, families, and early childhood educators in conjunction with the Newborn Hearing Follow Up program for outreach and education.
Facilitate opportunities for connecting isolated DHH families and role models in the wider DHH community.
Participate in yearly professional development to stay current with signing skills, technology, devices, programs, and advances in the field of deaf education.
Actively attend program meetings including, but not limited to, advisory committee meetings, community partner meetings, and meetings held by the national network centers.
Attend the National Early Hearing Detection and Intervention Conference, upon program approval.
Other duties as assigned.


Remote/Local Public Health Educator/Teacher with Deaf Education/K-12, HIPAA, ASL, PSE, FM/DM, HAT and AAC experience

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