Remote/Local Financial Analyst/PM with Data Center and Cloud experience

Job ID: CT-62123 (911090312)

Remote/Local Financial Analyst/PM with Data Center and Cloud experience

Location: Hartford, CT (DAS)
Duration: 12 Months
Candidate Must Be Local

Financial Analyst Advanced (7-9 Years) Yes
Data center management Advanced (7-9 Years) Yes
Project management Advanced (7-9 Years) Yes

The State of Connecticut, Department of Administrative Services, Bureau of Information Technology Solutions (BITS), maintains data-centers in various locations in the state. Of these, the Groton data-center location is part of a lease agreement with Pfizer. With a 5 year lease extension currently in effect March 2024, it will be vacated, with conclusion by Q1 2029.

Reporting to John Walshaw, Director of Infrastructure Services, the Data Center/Cloud Project Manager is responsible for the following initial major stages in 2024-2025:
– Identification of alternatives and options for future computing needs
– Sunset and migration strategy
– Architecture and capacity planning
– Capital and operating expense planning

The major phases outlined, will bring forth a deep understanding and evaluation of the needs and costs for on-prem, co-location, cloud based and hybrid solutions. This will span the existing foot-print in Groton and other smaller sites whose needs can be more effectively solved through additional consolidation.

The incumbent will bring experience in the following areas:
– Project management
– Presenting updates to major stakeholders and executive leadership
– data-center capacity analysis
– data-center and co-location cost evaluation
– public cloud cost analysis


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