Job ID: TN-FT Nightshift RN (97090331)

Onsite/Local Registered Nurse (RN License/TB Test/AHA/BLS) with BLS, HIPAA, Nasal Swab/Nebulizers, Wound Care Certified, CPR and NLC experience

Location: Nashville, TN (MHSAS)
Duration: 22 months

Certifications Others BLS Current AHA/BLS CPR-Basic Life Support BLS Provider that is active for at least 1 year upon hire: * We only accept AHA/BLS * We do not accept online CPR certifications, HeartCode/HeartSaver BLS Novice (1-3 Years) Yes
Certifications Others RN License RN license Novice (1-3 Years) Yes
Certifications Others TB Test * A 2 step TB Skin Test (within 1 year of HIRE date) * An IGRA – TB blood test/QuantiFERON Gold (within 1 year of HIRE date) and a screener upon hire. * A Chest X-Ray (within 1 year of HIRE date) and a Screener upon hire. Novice (1-3 Years) Yes
Ability to Work Independently Novice (1-3 Years) Yes
Active Listening Novice (1-3 Years) Yes
Activities of daily living (ADLs) Novice (1-3 Years) Yes
Applying Dressings No
Basic Life support (BLS) AHA/BLS Novice (1-3 Years) Yes
Basic Patient Care Novice (1-3 Years) Yes
Bed Bath Novice (1-3 Years) No
Blood Gluclose checks Novice (1-3 Years) Yes
Computer literacy Novice (1-3 Years) Yes
Cooperation Novice (1-3 Years) Yes
Coordination Novice (1-3 Years) Yes
Critical Thinking Novice (1-3 Years) Yes
Dispensensing Medications Novice (1-3 Years) Yes
Electronic medical records Novice (1-3 Years) Yes
Ethics Novice (1-3 Years) Yes
Eye Drops Novice (1-3 Years) No
Fall precautions Novice (1-3 Years) No
Familiarity with Electronic Medical Records Novice (1-3 Years) Yes
Handling Difficult Personalities Novice (1-3 Years) Yes
Input and Output Measurements Novice (1-3 Years) No
Interdisciplinary communication Novice (1-3 Years) No
Interpersonal Skills No
Judgment and Decision Making Novice (1-3 Years) Yes
Knowledge of Chain of Command Novice (1-3 Years) Yes
Knowledge of HIPAA Yes
Knowledge of Scope of Practice Yes
Maintaining Confidentiality Novice (1-3 Years) Yes
Maintaining Quality Control Standards Novice (1-3 Years) Yes
Medical Terminology Novice (1-3 Years) No
Multitasking Novice (1-3 Years) Yes
Organizational Skills Novice (1-3 Years) Yes
Patient /family education Novice (1-3 Years) Yes
Patient Monitoring Novice (1-3 Years) Yes
Patient teaching for medication Novice (1-3 Years) Yes
Positive attitude Novice (1-3 Years) Yes
Prioritizing Novice (1-3 Years) Yes
Problem Solving Novice (1-3 Years) Yes
Professionalism Novice (1-3 Years) Yes
Safe Restraints Novice (1-3 Years) No
Subcutaneous, intradermal, intramuscular injection Novice (1-3 Years) Yes
Universal/standard cleanliness precautions Novice (1-3 Years) Yes
Vital Sign measurement Novice (1-3 Years) Yes
Weight and Height Measurement Novice (1-3 Years) Yes
Wound Care Novice (1-3 Years) Yes

Currently licensed as a Registered Nurse and experience equivalent to one year of registered nursing. Or currently licensed as a Registered Nurse and education equivalent to a bachelor’s or graduate degree in nursing from an accredited college or university or a diploma in registered nursing from an accredited school of nursing. Currently licensed as a Registered Nurse in the State of Tennessee or holds a privilege to practice in the State of Tennessee under the Nurse Licensure Compact (NLC). A valid motor vehicle operator license may be required. Under general supervision, is responsible for registered nursing duties of average difficulty based on based on a wide range of circumstances and performs related work as required. Provides nursing care and procedures according to physician’s orders and nursing protocol. Administers medication according to the physician’s orders and protocol. Evaluates possible side effects and the overall effectiveness of medication. Performs BLS (Basic Life support), CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation), and other emergency responses. Participates in emergency response setting. Must be able to lift up to 50 lbs.

1. We do a 3-3 rotation which consists of
*Week 1 – Monday or Tuesday, Friday and Saturday
*Week 2 – Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday
Note: Our week starts Sunday through Saturday

2. Special schedules:
We do not do special schedules or work 3 on, 3 off…

3. PRN Status:
*Open shifts will be provided to agency.
*They MUST work 4 shifts a month, including one weekend shift
* Provide availability for the following month by the 10th.
* Must adhere to Time and Attendance policy
*May be called outside of their provided availability, should the need arise.
(It is understood that they may decline if not available)


Onsite/Local Registered Nurse (RN License/TB Test/AHA/BLS) with BLS, HIPAA, Nasal Swab/Nebulizers, Wound Care Certified, CPR and NLC experience

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