Onsite/Local Healthcare PM with data management/modernization/visualization, FIHR, procurement, Vital Records, EHR experience

Job ID: MS-128841 (90090408)

Onsite/Local Healthcare PM with data management/modernization/visualization, FIHR, procurement, Vital Records, EHR experience

Location: Jackson, MS (MSDH)
Duration: 16 Months
Position: 1

Provide the minimum required skills and/or experience the contractor must possess to qualify for this position. These requirements will be transferred to the Score Sheet and candidates without these requirements reflected on their resume will NOT be presented to the manager for consideration.
– Experience overseeing all day-to-day aspects (planning, organizing, budgeting, etc.) of multi-faceted data
management and/or modernization projects
– Technical knowledge of interface functionality and FIHR compliance
– Ability to effectively communicate with coworkers involved in the collection, management and development of agency data resources in order to advance the opencv’s data modernization coals
– Experience working under data and IT security national standards applicable to the management and security of protected health information
– Working knowledge of data management, visualization and analysis tools used to organize, leverage and share multiple forms of data
– Experience working with multiple types of vendors of modern data management and analysis software, systems, and applications

Preferred/Not Required
Provide any skills/experience that would be helpful for the candidate to possess but not required. Examples: Previous supervisory experience, Weblogic experience helpful, etc.
– Experience working with or for government entities on data and/or IT-related projects, particularly as it relates to
procurement and/or purchasing requirements
– Experience working with Vital Records and/or Electronic Health Record data

Description of the job functions the contractor will be expected to perform.
– Coordinate and assure implementation and operations of interoperable functionality of Vital Records systems as part of data modernization initiatives.
– Coordinate with Office of Health Information Technology and current vendor, Axiell, Inc. to create opportunities for FIHR-compliant interoperability between healthcare, funeral home, Medical Examiner, Coroner, and electronic health record vendors.
– Support development and maintenance of enhanced Vital Records business processes and data transfer to state and federal partners
– Coordinate technical support functions for existing and newly implemented applications and systems for Vital Records with Office of Health Information Technology and vendor service center and help desk personnel.
– Provide support to the Vital Records Director related to data modernization and interoperability projects

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