Telecom Technician with documentation, project management and troubleshooting experience

Job ID: VA-633858 (94490805)

Telecom Technician with documentation, project management and troubleshooting experience

Location: Richmond, VA (DCR)
Duration: 10 months
Interview: Webcam Interview Only (local Richmond candidates only)

Skill Required :
Ability to communicate technical information so that a lay person can understand the information. Required 5 Years
Strong interpersonal skills to interface with customers, vendors and team members Required 5 Years
Must have valid Driver’s License. Must be willing to do overnight travel to State Park areas (State vehicle provided for travel). Required
Ability to troubleshoot and isolate client issues Required 5 Years
Ability to understand, define and document telecommunications system requirements. Required 5 Years
Recent hands-on experience with connectivity and cross-over cabling Required 5 Years
Must be able to physically able to climb ladders (some heights over 25 feet) to access equipment on a regular basis Required
Candidate must have good project management /organizational skills Required

**Local Richmond candidates will be considered first**
Serves as telecommunications coordinator for DCR. Provides primary contact and technical assistance for telecommunications related topics.Working with DCR IT and Parks to implement connectivity solutions and maintain those solutions once implemented.

This position will be responsible for coordinating the telecommunications activities of the agency. Will be responsible for researching connectivity options for DCR locations across the state, including the 38 Virginia State Parks. Will evaluate broadband and cellular service offerings for each location and make recommendations to improve and expand connectivity. Will provide guidance to Divisional Telecom Coordinators and agency staff on telecommunications related topics. Will support agency staff in managing/maintaining networking and WiFi equipment, and facilitate the expansion of WiFi coverage at designated DCR locations.

Responsibilities Include:
– Identifying connectivity (broadband and cellular) challenges within individual State parks – this includes travel to Parks and meetings with Parks staff.
– Researching customer survey results in regards to connectivity challenges and researching current solutions in other states.
– Coordinating meetings with Park staff and connectivity providers to identify solutions to connectivity challenges.
– Working with DCR IT, State Parks Administration, and DCR Administration Division to identify funding sources for solution implementation.
– Providing Short term and Long term written connectivity solution business plans per Park with associated projected expenses.
– Prioritizing connectivity needs and projects.

– Work with Vendors on and off the VITA state contract for new products and implementations.
– Work with ILEC and CLEC on Trouble Tickets related to Telecom outages.
– Review telecom bills monthly for accuracy and to identify cost saving opportunities.
– Coordinate meetings between vendors and DCR IT Staff to discuss connectivity solutions.
– Advise agency staff on new state contract telecom offerings.

Agency vehicle will be provided for travel to other locations.


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