Tableau Admin/Architect/Trainer with Desktop/Server, analytics, security, ETL, QA, Cleansing, data movement, training, SQL, Oracle, VB, C++, Java, UML experience

Job ID: MNSITE-1453 (99990327)

Tableau Admin/Architect/Trainer with Desktop/Server, analytics, security, ETL, QA, Cleansing, data movement, training, SQL, Oracle, VB, C++, Java, UML experience

Location: St Paul MN (Department of Education)
Duration: 12 months
Interview: In-person
Positions: 1 (1/1)

Minimum Qualifications
• Five (5) years’ combined experience with Tableau Desktop & Server
• Two (2) years’ experience of Tableau Server administration & usage practices
• Completion of three (3) projects/engagements developing data analytics with Tableau.
Desired Skills
• Knowledge & oversight of analytics software licensing agreements & vendor relationships
• Experience in data access privileges and permissions strategy
• Analytics & Reporting Processes
• Subject matter expert on data movement & manipulation (ETL, Data QA & Cleansing) practices
• Oversight of data certification & publishing of data sources for consumption by data & reporting analysts
• Establishes report design standards and best practices
• Maintains inventory of Agency reports and data sets used for both internal & external-facing reports
• Facilitates training of end users on analytics tools
• Broad knowledge of hardware, software and programming
• Knowledge of software Design, software Testing, software Maintenance, software development process software requirements, software architecture
• General Consulting Skills
• Excellent problem solving skills
• Excellent interpersonal skills with the ability to manage expectations and explain technical detail
• Excellent oral and written communication skills
• Broad knowledge of SQL, Oracle, Visual Basic, C++, Java, Unified Modelling Language (UML), Web-based technologies

Sample Tasks
• Provide subject matter expertise of Tableau around data movement and manipulation best practices around ETL, data quality assurance, and cleansing.
• Provide oversight of data certification and publishing of data sources for consumption by data and reporting analysts
• Work with MNIT @ Education to help establish report design standards and best practices
• Meet with Education Business areas that have expressed interest in Tableau to determine their needs with regard to data analytics
• Develop a Tableau workbooks identified by business area
• Develop new Tableau visuals for the business and modify past developed visuals
• Assist business with identifying data needed to be loaded in data mart
• Provide and train MNIT @ Education staff on data access privileges and permission strategy
• Provide training and mentoring to Education staff as applicable
• Provide training to staff on use of Tableau
• Assist technical team with industry best practice for Tableau Server management
• Create project documentation
• Prepare appropriate status reports and submit to management and stakeholders
• Provide knowledge transfer

Description of Project
The Minnesota Department of Education has received grants which allowed the opportunity to purchase Tableau Server and license to develop visuals to end stakeholders. The agency has a need to report back information of data shared with the Department of Education by schools and districts. The goals are to be able to:
Improve turnaround time for sharing information to schools and districts.
Provide easy to use reports for users that may not be data or excel experts.
Develop best practice around development of Tableau reports.
In order to meet these goals we have identified the need to set up three reporting environments to allow for 1) public reporting, 2) internal secure reporting, and 3) external secure reporting. The first phase was to set up the Tableau Server for public reporting which has been completed. The second phase is to clean up our internal secure reporting environment and set up a new Tableau Server external secure reporting environment. This engagement is to assist with phase 2 of the project.

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