Data Analyst with statistical research/software and reporting experience

Job Id: NC-577551 (93391017)

Data Analyst with statistical research/software and reporting experience

Location: 3010 Hammond Business Place Raleigh, NC 27603 (NCDPS)
Duration: 12 Months
Agency Interview Type: In Person

Skill Required / Desired Amount of Experience
Thorough knowledge of the methods of statistical research of information Required 5 Years
Excellent communication skills both or and written. Required 5 Years
Thorough knowledge and experience working with statistical software Required 5 Years
Experience presenting statistical findings clearly and concisely in written and graphic form Required 5 Years

Positions provide statistical support and data evaluation for Juvenile Justice with continuous and varied data and analysis requirements. Conduct studies and analysis requested by management, and recommend areas of investigation. Statistical techniques and analytical processes employed are selected by the employee. Employee will create narratives and deliver presentations of findings to explain the study process and the conclusions in terms of statistically significant results and conclusions. Drafts and final reports are reviewed by the JJ Data Manager for conformance to study objectives, correctness of statements, and for implications of analyses.

Prepares research designs and data collection plans for the analysis and reporting of qualitative and quantitative information; determines the direction of research and evaluation projects in anticipation of systemic policy initiatives or program strategies; and provides effective and persuasive information to management to undertake new directions and initiatives. Provides research based advice and input on policy and program development issues to Juvenile Justice management. Advises staff of Juvenile Justice in the research or evaluation of policy and programmatic issues, including the cost and projected impact relating to crime, criminal justice matters. Provides research and analytical advice to state and local officials, and private citizens, on statewide or local criminal justice policy and program development issues; for the development and implementation of juvenile justice programs and policies. Conveys new research ideas and evaluation results effectively in order to develop partnerships to support successful implementation of Raise the Age legislation.



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