SQL Server DBA with Mongo/DB2/Oracle, data modeling, tuning, DW and training experience

ID: UT-53710 (99990522)

SQL Server DBA with Mongo/DB2/Oracle, data modeling, tuning, DW and training experience

Location: 140 E. 300 S. Salt Lake City UT (DWS)
Duration: 1-5 years
must include resume, MMR, and Right to represent

Typical Qualifications:
• Formal academic course work and/or qualifications and/or job experience in the field of computer science.
• Knowledge of the development and management of computer system databases and data warehouses.
• Knowledge and experience with MS SQL server
• Knowledge and experience with Mongo, DB2 and Oracle
• Must be able to communicate effectively, particularly in training others.

This position is for a MS SQL Server DBA who will be able to handle senior level database administration duties including analysis, design, set up, coding, testing, installation, training, and ongoing management of logical and physical databases and data warehouses. The DBA will interact with and support project teams, developers, users, and system administrators. This position works with minimal supervision on complex, mission-critical projects.

Duties include:
• Provides data modeling support to development projects, as needed.
• Creates database tables, indexes, constraints and other database components and functions.
• Prepare, deliver, install and upgrade software databases into development, quality assurance and production environments.
• Designs, implements and enforces strong security structures and mechanisms for databases.
• Creates and updates data schematics and dictionary structures to document and describe system databases, interfaces and security.
• Perform database integrity, trouble shooting and performance assessments.
• Apply database optimization and performance tuning methods.
• Designs, creates, installs and manages automated database, data reports and chronological report runs.
• Perform data validation to test the integrity of data, database relationships, calculations, references and data reports.
• Participate in the development of system database standards and development processes.
• Interacts with and supports project leaders and teams, business analysts and users in analysis, design and testing processes on projects.
• Coordinate with System Administrators on database installations, upgrades, releases, problem solutions, and technical architecture changes.
• Training and mentoring junior DBA – MS SQL
• Other tasks as assigned.

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